Install Windows 10 to Enhance Your Computer Usage Experience

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The term “windows” is not new among computer users. However, have they tried and tested windows 10 education? It is the most robust Microsoft version that keeps students hitch-free while using hence giving a fantastic experience.

Now imagine you are encountering a bad time using a computer and there is another windows option that can help you a great deal. Windows 10 education will give you an exciting experience than you can imagine! Below are some of the benefits.


Have you experienced a delayed start-up below using the previous windows? If you have, then an update to salvage forever, not only your startup experience is here. Windows 10 boost the operating system of a computer hence creating room for user’s excellent encounter when it comes to startup. It makes the startup forever faster than any other previous windows version. What’s more, it has a robust speed in MacBook than MacOS however in all the mac’s it is remarkably faster than in any other machine. Direct X 12 and the 3D engine does not only evoke the excitement of the gamers but also gives students a reliable and fast response when using their computers.


Windows 10 comes with Cortana. If you have used the new musical technology “Siri,” then you have a glimpse of what Cortana can do. You can now interact with your computer at a hands-free state. You don’t have to type anything to get what you need from your computer, give Cortana the direction it will help you with what you need. The Cortana gives you a unique experience, whereby you can communicate to it verbally and let you do whatever you need at a particular time. Moreover, you can now shut down your machine after a long day of using by only instructing Cortana to act.

Universal Apps

If you are not using Windows 10, you are missing an experience you are likely supposed to encounter. The universal nature of apps in this windows version gives you the opportunity of finding the software you require for any task, be it educational, gaming, or any other purpose. It comes with slicker and advanced productivity apps such as music, mail, and maps, among others. Whenever you have an email, the app will respond by popping a notification on your modern window, prompting you to log in and read the received email. Therefore, if you’ve bought custom paper service and the draft has been delivered to you, you’ll get an alert through the app without login into your mail.

Perfect Browser

In an education setting, the good browsing experience is the heart of proper research, in addition to other forms of analysis. Therefore, if you have a better browsing time, the chances of conducting overwhelming research for your thesis heightens. Thus, Microsoft Edge has modernized the window’s default browser with improved speed, compatibility, and other helpful capabilities. It has activated reading modes and webpage makeups hence ensure that little is demanded from the user. You need to key in what you want to search on the search box with ease and the speed with which the search results pop-in will excite you. It has unique browsing features such as on-page search with Cortana and the sharing icon among others to enhance user’s browsing experience.


Have you lost some of your files due to insecurity? If you are a student and you have, then you know the pain of losing a complete thesis research paper while the submission deadline is fast approaching. You become restless, not knowing whether to start again or keep searching for the lost paper. However, Windows 10 comes with a permanent solution for such incidents. It comes with secure boot, device guard, windows hello, and Microsoft passport, which makes your machine tamper-proof. Therefore, install windows 10 to your machine and enjoy the secure boot, which enhances the security of your computer data.


Most students use windows computers. Therefore, the probability of having insufficient space to save their documents is high. However, one drive can be of great help when you are running low of disc space. You can now save much space on your machine by saving your data on the OneDrive, which takes no space on your PC.

With all these properties in place, you should not encounter computer usage drawbacks any longer. Enhance your encounter with your machine by installing this windows version to help you get quality time free from the technical hitch and bad computer experience.

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