IncrediMail to Outlook: Transferring Personal Data


There is no need to explain the importance of email services to a person of the 21st century. We use email every day for personal and professional correspondence. Nevertheless, there are many platforms on the market and it may be difficult to choose a suitable client. For many years, one of the most popular email services was Incredimail. It has many advantages like cool and colorful design and interactive interface. However, with time businessmen and companies started switching from it as it did not appear business-like enough for professional correspondence. The alternative was Microsoft Outlook as it has a simple design and all the necessary features. If you are switching from Incredimail to Outlook, you have come to the right place. Learn the main ways of transferring all your data to a new platform.

A lot of people give up the idea of switching email clients as they find even the idea of transferring all important information tiring. However, it is not actually that hard. There are two main ways of IncrediMail to Outlook transfer: automatic, using the help of special programs like, and manual one. Let’s take a closer look at both of them so you can decide which one corresponds to your needs:

Manual Transfer

            The first way you can save all your data from Incredimail to Outlook is transferring everything manually. Here is a brief guide on how to do it. The first stage requires saving an email on our computer. These are the main steps:

  1. Launch your Incredimail program.
  2. At the top left corner click on ‘File’.
  3. Press ‘Save as’ and choose ‘.eml’ format.
  4. Select a folder where the file will be saved.

Unfortunately, there is no way for opening a saved file straight in Outlook. You need to convert the file into the ‘.pst’ format. To do that, you need a converter. Choose one of the many programs available online. After you have changed the format of the file, you can open it in Outlook. The main problem of the manual method is that it is time-consuming: you need to save each email individually. It will take hours of work to transfer all necessary information.

Automatic Transfer

Luckily, there is an alternative. You can use a special tool online that will transfer all your emails in a matter of minutes. The only thing you will need to do is enter the website and choose the right license based on your previous email client. In this case, you need to select a license for Incredimail to Outlook Transfer. Then you will have to fill in some information to start the transferring process. The majority of people choose an automatic method. The app will only cost you several dollars but will save hours or even days of work.

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