10 Reasons Your First Post-Quarantine Flight Should Be To Egypt


As you are still locked amid the COVID 19 outbreak, the only thing you could do is to stay back at home, do your usual work and rely on the virtual work for a wide range of things. While being busy working from home and restricting to go outside, the first thing you would love to do in the post-lockdown period would be to plan a perfect holiday to unwind and have a good time outside the four walls. In a long list, the first place that comes to our mind is Egypt for post lockdown vacation. Tours in Egypt have much to offer to an avid traveler. Right from giving the best food, cool places to explore, it has many reasons that can make this place get your first Post-Quarantine flight. Well, how about checking the   10 Reasons Your First Post-Quarantine Flight Should Be To Egypt as under:

1). Enjoy Affordable Holiday

The first reason to plan a holiday to this country is that it offers a budget friendly holiday. Amid this lockdown, the first thing that has got affected the most is the economy. Salaries are slashed down by professionals working from home. So, the best bet one can get in terms of affordability is planning for tours in Egypt. Right from your accommodation, to shopping, visiting the historical landmark places, everything can fit into your bill. The Egypt tour packages are extremely affordable when compared to the other places.

2). Warmer Climate Round the Year

The climate of Egypt remains consistent round the year. It has a warmer climate and thus winter proves out to be a decent time to visit particularly the ones from the North Americans or other people who freeze in the months of November and December. If you love summer heat, visiting in April or May can be a delight for you. The beaches are the best attraction during the summer as it remains the perfect respite from the heat giving you the best time.

3). Explore the Fascinating History

This country is known to have an incredible ancient history, which is one of the key reasons why people get attracted towards it. Tours in Egypt helps you learn tales and stories of this place, which are interesting to explore. These include the history of the rulers – Pharaohs, King Tutankhamun, Queen Cleopatra, the Pyramids, and the stories of Alexander the Great. The history of this place dates back to 3500 BC, which can be traced in the ruins, remains, and archaeological.

4). A Nile Cruise

Sailing in the Nile River on a cruise can be a lifetime experience. A Nile Cruise is a mandatory element of your holiday in Egypt. Without this, your holiday in this country is futile. If you are wondering that Nile cruises can be through huge and mighty ships think again, these are specially designed boats for sightseeing. You can enjoy good local food along with catching the best glimpse of the mighty river, which has witnessed many things since ages.

5). Enjoy the Tasty Egyptian Food

The other big reason to plan your holiday is to enjoy good and irresistible local food. The food is not just delicious but also cheap, and plentiful. Some of the popular dishes you can enjoy in Egypt, which in fact attract the tourists include Kushari, Ta’meya and Ful Medames, Kebabs and Kofta, and Om Ali to name a few.

6). Experience A Great Scuba Diving Opportunity

If you think Egypt is all about exploring the rich history and visiting the tombs and temples, think again. The beaches at cities Hurghada, Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh offer the best of the opportunities for scuba diving and activities like snorkeling and boating. These places have the world’s best diving sites to catch the views of beautiful corals inside the water.

7). Visit Plenty of Religious Sites

If you are a religious person, then visiting Egypt is a must after the lockdown. Some of the popular religious sites include Mohamed Ali Mosque, Saint George Church, and Ben Ezra Synagogue to name a few. It has the presence of three religions Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The Egyptian city Cairo is known as the City of a Thousand Minarets, thanks to the presence of plenty of mosques.

8). Explore some of the Best Museums in the World

If you love museums then this place is for you. There are many impressive museums in this country. Some of these include Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Luxor Museum, Nubian Museum in Aswan, the Crocodile Museum at the Kom Ombo Temple, etc. This gives the glimpse of rich history once you explore the statues, jewelry, papyrus and masks.

9). Enjoy Safari desert Trips

As the country has 90 percent of desert, it makes it the ideal spot for the desert adventure. It helps you explore the white and black desert, and oasis with a safari trip. These things attract the tourists all across the world as they can enjoy exploring the desert with cool safari experience.

10). Get Horseback Riding Experience

The horseback riding experience in Egypt could be one of the other big reasons to have a holiday at this place. You can enjoy some good views around as you take the ride on the horse. The tourists enjoy horseback ride on the sand mountains catching up the best scenes around.

Wrapping up

Guess, you now have enough reasons to plan your holiday post the lockdown. Enjoy!

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