Californian and Santa Clarita companies making waves on the stock market

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Source: Pexels

When you think of big, public companies to invest in, Silicon Valley and New York are the places you would assume they are based. While these locations are home to some of the world’s biggest companies and names that perform well on the stock market, there are other options.

California has its fair share of movers and shakers. For example, the Walt Disney Co, Snap Inc, and Princess Cruise Lines are just some of those that call it home.


Source: Pexels

Walt Disney is known throughout the world for its theme parks, films, and merchandise. Founded in 1923 by Walt Disney himself, it has an annual revenue of $69 billion and assets of over $193.9 billion. The company employs some 223,000 people globally and is publicly traded on several indexes. In terms of its performance over the last few months, like many other big companies, it took quite a hit. Theme parks closed and film and TV productions came to a halt. Disney noted big losses, as much as $55 billion but still enjoyed a market cap of almost $2 billion. While it has experienced tumultuous ups and downs this year, Disney has its widely known name and the constant demand for its products to fall back on.

Snap Inc

Snap Inc is one of the few tech companies to pick a headquarters outside of the Silicon Valley region. The parent company of Snapchat, they also operate Bitmoji and Spectacles. The brand started in 2011 and now has a revenue of $1.7 billion and total assets of over $4 billion. They employ around 2700 people and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Snap has turned down several offers to be bought out, including some from Facebook, stating that it is of no interest to them. They also own Spectacles who are a brand of smart glasses that are dedicated to recording video and taking photos for Snapchat. Throughout 2020, Snap has seen an increase of $14.6 billion in market capitalization, one of the few to do so in the area.

Princess Cruise Lines

Source: Pexels

Another notable company, this time-based in Santa Clarita itself is Princess Cruise Lines. It was formed in 1965 when it started providing Mexican cruises. Fast forward several decades and it’s the second-largest cruise line per net revenue and has 18 ships sailing internationally. As of 2019, it had 30,000 employees and a revenue of $4.2 billion. Of course, like other tourism-based companies, they took a bit of a dive but have been performing well recently, noting gains across all markets.

These are just a few examples out of the tens of local companies that can be invested in. In fact, the prevalence of success stories out of California and Santa Clarita has led to growing interest from elsewhere. Investors from the rest of the US and the UK are checking tips for buying shares in CA and SC-based companies. Thanks to the prevalence of informative guides that take investors through the whole process, and sites that allow monitoring of the current and past state of the market, investors are no longer constrained by location.

The markets may be a bit uncertain for the time being but there are still gains to be had. Companies in Santa Clarita, LA, and the whole of California are expected to demonstrate better performance in the coming weeks and months. Make sure you’ve got your finger on the pulse!

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