Cash Deals: 5 Smart Tips To Sell a House Quickly

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After giving so much time making that crucial decision to sell your house, you now have to choose the best offer that would be most practical to you and yet enticing to sell quickly.

How soon can you sell your house would be determined by several factors. Knowing each of them would help you simplify the sell-out; likewise, it would also hint at a potential buyer of the readiness of your property up for sale, costs as well as its condition.

Hence, making that decision to sell is as important as deciding on the best deals and preparing your house to be the best choice the buyer would make.

The Best Deal

Real property selling could sometimes be risky. Whether you are selling to an off-market or through an agent, you should have that conscious judgment to avoid that exploitative offer, mostly if you are offered a cash deal.

A cash offer allows the buyer to pay in cash in exchange for a transaction or an asset. Cash deal simplifies the selling process and closes the deal much faster without a need for mortgage lender approval, thus, avoids you paying a closing cost that ranges between 1% and 3%.

Cash deals can be an enticing offer with all its advantages and a fair number of disadvantages. Watch out for that impressive but compromised cost, especially to off-market buyers.

House bids for a cash deal may be lower than the median home price because of the impression that cash offers more value than a mortgage. The median home price in the US is at $267,300 in 2019. Be cautious not to impress the buyer that you are strapped for cash, and thus you are going for a cash deal. Get that fair offer, do not accept a bid that is less than what you should receive.

Selling your house for cash will also free you from financing drawbacks, most especially when your potential buyer gets into trouble with the mortgage loan’s pre-qualification process. Delays mean wasted time waiting for the process, thus causes a delay in your house’s quick disposal.

How To Sell Your House Quickly?

Cash sales for your house have been decided; however, a few important things should be readied for quick selling. Here are a few tips that you should do to ensure a safe deal and a quick selling for your property:

1.      Make Sure That Your House Is Ready To Sell

Preparing your house for selling needs your time, effort, and financial investment. If you want to maximize your profit, make your house a move-in ready so that you can negotiate for a high asking price. Most buyers are interested in buying a house that will not cost them so much money for repairs, cleaning, or decluttering.

Selling a house with some worn-out parts would discourage potential buyers because of the added financial burden that they would take in. In 2020, the average cost of house repair is $15 to $60 per square foot, so that would already be a considerable amount they would spend when your house is not ready for use.

2.      Sell on Off-Market

Off-market selling is rising nowadays, wherein properties on sale are not listed publicly or advertised. One way to quickly sell a property; the downside is that your property might be classified as a distressed property that may put some risk of getting a good deal.

Another advantage of off-market selling is it protects the clientele’s privacy, especially those buying in a prestige property since it is not listed publicly, so the deal would not be made public.

3.      Depersonalize your House

Leave no personal attachment with the house. Once you have decided to sell your property, it is essential to detach the memories despite how long you’ve stayed with your family. Allow potential buyers to visualize the house as their future home. Remove memorabilia before showing the house for inspection. As much as possible, do not leave an impression with those furniture and personal fixtures.

4.      Conduct Home Inspection

Conduct a thorough walkthrough of your house and prepare a seller home inspection checklist. You should list down and familiarize every part of the house’s interior and exterior conditions. Some buyers are just meticulous and demanding to know every detail of information they want to get before conducting an onsite visit.

Answering every detail that buyers would want to know leaves the impression that you know your house very well, and this saves both of your time for endless visits on inspections.

5.      Build Some Trust

There may be failed negotiations and loose bids, but giving that amount of honesty and trustworthiness to every potential buyer would encourage them to give a fair bid and persuade them to buy as quickly because of your integrity. The trust you give would likewise be reciprocated by giving you the best deal your property deserves.


Everyone considers a house to be a big investment. This fact is the reason why a lot of people often consider selling their house when the time is right. Sometimes, emergencies and other untoward incidents may prompt people to sell their houses quickly. The guide above provides an insight on how you can sell your house fast, without losing out the value on anything.

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