COVID and the overall impact on travel


COVID-19 continues to play a negative role on industries around the world and one of the worst impacted is the airline industry. With lockdowns and restrictions enforced, it has led to limited travelling taking place and many even asking the questions, as to whether it is still possible. A lot of regular travelers have also been looking at acquiring a visa to different locations that have been less impacted by the virus, so that they can live a more normal life. One example is within Turkey, that has long been a travel hotspot and for a long period of time has also been less impacted than most countries by the virus. You can access to via turkey, which is a platform that will help when applying for a Turkey e-Visa. This will then be an electronic travel authorization that will grant the holder with up to three months in the country. It is a great means for fast authorization for those travelers on the move and one that has continued to prove popular in recent times.

Turkey is just one example of this and many other countries around the world also offer this service. As mentioned, Turkey has seen very low cases for a lengthy period of time, but this has now increased, which has resulted in COVID restrictions being enforced. They have also had one of the leading track and tracing systems, which has also helped to keep these cases down.

Travelling is now being put on the back burner for people around the world and even led to many being stuck and unable to travel home to family for extended periods of time. The airline industry is now simply within survival mode and we have seen a number of examples of just how badly impacted they have been through the current situation. Europe as we all know has long been one of the hotspots for the virus, so many of the countries have seen some very tough restrictions enforced. One of the biggest airlines is EasyJet, which had never recorded an annual loss in their 25-year history. However, this changed through COVID and last year saw them produce a loss of $1.68 billion. That was due to the fleets of planes being grounded and journey after journey being cancelled, with planes taking off with limited capacity being taken.

This is a trend that we have seen for different airlines around the US and other areas of the world. Quarantine for travelers has further added to complications for airlines and this is set to continue, until we return to some form of normality and people are able to travel safely and freely. This global pandemic could also yet change the landscape for airlines forever. An example being through business, with many meetings having previously taken place in-person and international flights having to be taken in order to do so. The pandemic has meant that this has changed, with meetings taking place over platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft teams. This could now be how businesses operate moving forward, so it will certainly be a difficult and tasking period ahead for airlines are their overall survival and success.

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