How Good is Kibo Code Quantum | Kibo Quantum Reviews 2021?


What if there was a program that could help alleviate the issues of traditional e-commerce management? That would make the idea of running your e-commerce store a lot more appealing, would it not? 

The program is here, KIBO CODE QUANTUM, and it will show you a step-by-step process of how to open, manage, and scale an e-commerce business that earns you money.

What is the Kibo Code Quantum Program?

 The Kibo Code is not about how you generate income online! Kibo Code Quantum is a whole methodology that instructs aspiring entrepreneurs on building a profitable e-commerce business by utilizing one specific new technique to the e-commerce industry. 

Running an e-commerce business requires a lot of hard work and persistence to generate sales, and at the end of the day, you either see larger or smaller success. Using the Kibo Code Quantum program, you will produce profitable sales faster, more manageable, and in a much more practical way than any preceding e-commerce program. 

  • VERY Important: The Training will be made available to you via live streaming in the members-only area, meaning – any “online marketers” who claim to be members and have already gone through the Kibo Code Quantum training without disclosing that they are giving the information based on the last version of the KIBO CODE program 2020 aren’t being honest with you.

The founders of the Kibo Code, Aidan Booth, and Steven Clayton had amassed over $11M in sales when they launched the first edition of the Kibo code program, which means Kibo Code turns heads and is nothing to look away from. This program understands the nuances of internet marketing. 

EVERYONE can grasp at least the fundamentals by using Kibo Code Quantum, and you can get your e-commerce business up and running as long as you follow its guidelines and teachings. 

The successful students of the eight-week mentorship program have reported earnings of hundreds, even THOUSANDS, per day after the Kibo code. Attending the live training and asking questions, and interacting with successful Kibo code entrepreneurs are vital to making your Kibo Code Quantum experience turn into success. 

About the Creators of Kibo Code Quantum (Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton)

Who is Steve Clayton? 

Steve Clayton is an experienced businessman who possesses years of experience in digital marketing. Throughout the years, he has analyzed technology and its effects on eCommerce. After Steve managed a few global corporations, he decided to start new business ventures with Aidan Booth. Their involvement and unbreakable attention to the possibilities of e-commerce methodologies resulted in massive success.

Who is Aidan Booth?

Aidan Booth has laid foundations to improve organic traffic in conjunction with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. After learning about what helps eCommerce stores, he elected to reveal this knowledge with others in the shape of thorough digital training courses.

How Does Kibo Code Quantum Work?

Kibo Code Quantum is a complete eCommerce training program that is easy to follow, it will help ANYONE build a successful online business, whether you have any prior knowledge about eCommerce or not. The Kibo Code Quantum program is based on a legendary brick and mortar store in Tokyo, Japan, and a method to generate billions of dollars every year selling just about every product you can imagine. 

Here is what the store does:

●     They load up their storefront and shelves with tons of different types of products, all mixed. 

●     Using statistics and data, they notice what sells best and then move those products to the front of the store, where they get seen more. 

●     The store then adds in new products and tests more and more, always optimizing their product offerings and sales and creating a store chock full of prime goods. 

Kibo Code Quantum is founded on this model, and so you can experience this same rush of customers! This new iteration of the program, Kibo Code Quantum, features an upgrade to help mentees launch their eCommerce businesses with more ease than featured in its successful predecessor, Kibo Code (launched January 2020). 

NB: You don’t need any inventory since you will ship the products directly from the supplier to the customer. 

Kibo code Quantum consists of an emphasis on free internet traffic, as well as paid, and trains students on generating profit via buying and selling products online. However, to get the most out of the eight-week training course, you must dive in 100 percent and work hard to make success happen. You have to apply the secrets behind building an eCommerce platform business to earn passive income from said business.

 What are the Contents of the Kibo Code Quantum Program (MODULES)?

  • Note: These are based on the 2020 model of the Kibo Code program since the new version of the program will be streamed live, But all signs indicate that the new Kibo Code Quantum program will be similar, with potential name changes. 

MODULE 1: Central Intelligence

This is a step-by-step core part of the 8-week program. The various training elements in the intense components are termed as modules – Mind Maps, Kibo Code Strategy Manuals, Step-by-Step videos, live webinars, and many more.

MODULE 2: StoreStorm

HERE WE GO! Perhaps the most exciting software of the Kibo Code Quantum program is explained in this component. With just a click of the mouse, you build your shop in only a few minutes using the Store Storm software. It is an automatic store building software that doesn’t require users to have any coding or programming history. The technology minimizes the issues involved with creating funnels, landing pages, and designing a website.

MODULE 3: Hand-Picked Products

In this module, the process of finding, selecting, and selling high conversion products is commenced. For starters, you receive five best-selling products. This step assigns the five highest-selling products to each student as it avoids the competition.

MODULE 4: Profit Vault

Profit Vault is defined as a secret catalog with more than three million products. You don’t need to stop at the five best converting products, it is feasible to grow the business for profits when you have access to a database of millions of lucrative products.

MODULE 5: The Traffic Black Box

Traffic Black Box is your secret formula to get relevant traffic to your site. You get traffic from the most powerful search engine in the world, Google. In this component, you learn to generate the greatest quality traffic with the intent to purchase using Google Shopping and untapped traffic sources.

MODULE 6: Oracle X

Oracle X is a powerful software suite that executes all the difficult objectives. It saves time and effort by automating the most tiresome processes. 

MODULE 7: Kibo Academy

Kibo Academy is a 24/7 help desk for students. It is a community of experts, coaches, and successful former Kibo code students. 


Firstly, you can get the Early Bird Discount. In addition, you receive bonus training guides when you buy the Kibo Code Quantum program. Many bonuses are centered around optimizing the site, tracking conversions, increasing traffic, and more. The bonuses cost more than $13491, but don’t cost you a penny!

  • Interested readers willing to learn everything about the Kibo Code program (Modules’ Breakdown, Members’ Area, HOW it works, WHO is for, The Payback Period, WHAT you will be doing, RISKS, Guarantees, Additional Investments, TESTIMONIALS, Value-packed Bonuses, Pros, Cons…) are strongly recommended to check a digital expert’s in-depth report which can be found at

New Kibo Code Quantum Software & Tools (2021)

Founders Steve and Clayton talking about what the New Kibo Code Quantum Students will have access to in 2021: 

“We have spent literally hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars this year creating BRAND NEW software and tools to make the process EVEN EASIER for people– including a revolutionary selling platform which has never been seen by the general public before (which is why students won’t need to pay for Shopify)” 

For the record, Shopify costs $29 per month, so that is more money in your pocket from your sales! 

What You Will Be Learning During the Eight-Week Training 

●     Week One: 

○     Ensure your software credentials are working correctly when you receive them. 

○      Choose a store name for your business. 

○     Get your domain name. 

○     Create a logo for your business ( No design knowledge required).

○     Set up your contact info on your website. 

○     Set up your payment processor so you can make money!

○   Register for module two in the members’ area and continue learning. 

●     Week Two: 

○     Kibo Accountability Program. 

○     An update on the Kibo community. 

○     Kibo Live Event information and how to attend.

○     Kibo Kickstart, which we have been eagerly waiting for and cannot wait to see what is in store! 

○     Fun contests that will engage you and win some cool stuff. 

○     Review the plan of action so you are ready to get your shop going and generate sales by next week. 

●     Week Three: 

○    The videos each week keep you engaged and keep you accountable so your site performs how it should. 

○     Add products to your site. 

Remember how we said you would have over three million to choose from? You will not have any issue finding plenty of products to put on your site. You will start with just a few, but even a few products can bring in some hefty revenue. 

○     Create an ad so consumers know about your business. Your ad(s) will be featured in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, also the free traffic sources that will be exposed in this new version of the Kibo Code Quantum program. 

○     Turn on traffic to your site so consumers can start perusing your “shelves.” 

○      Make sales and start bringing in the income. Remember to scale the products that are selling and eliminating the ones that are not producing revenue. 

●     Week Four: 

○     Google Ad Optimization so you can start to get traffic from your paid advertising, a.k.a. Pay-Per-Click (PPC for short). 

○     Expanding customer service techniques and knowledge.

○     Microsoft Shopping practice and know-how. 

○     Traffic scaling and optimization. Get the most bang for your buck with traffic to your site and enhance the consumer’s experience getting to and utilizing your site. 

●     Week Five: 

○     6 Rules of Google Shopping Products. 

○     Finding hot items to sell from your suppliers to keep your customers coming back. 

○     Product branding your business and building that brand identity. 

○     Perfect your product listing so you start to have a rhythm of which types of products will sell and which ones will not sell on your site. 

○     Microsoft Ad Columns and get more exposure for your business. 

○     Microsoft Shopping optimization.

○     Microsoft Ad Search Campaign. 

○     Google Search brand campaign. 

●     Week Six: 

○     What is Remarketing? 

○     Facebook Business Manager.

○     Creating a Facebook page.

○     Single Product Retargeting Ad and Ad Columns on Facebook. 

●     Week Seven: 

○     Be sure to go through weeks one thru six so you understand what is going on in weeks seven and eight. 

○     The training in week seven surrounds delivery automation and email. 

  •  These are not something you need to jump into right away.

○     Email marketing is a powerful selling tool, and you will want to learn how to do it properly for your eCommerce platform. 

●     Week Eight:

○     Training updates will be covered in this session, so definitely tune-in! 

○     SWAT support and no, not the police

○     The first virtual event next week, so be prepared for some fun

○     A fun contest with chances to win and is super entertaining. 

○    “OM” and its edition to your Kibo membership. 

○     “Hot Seats” where you talk with Sean and analyze a few student accounts and how they could be improved. 

What Sets Kibo Code Quantum Apart from Other eCommerce Programs?

 First thing, when you choose Kibo Code Quantum over other programs, you will get an exclusive mentorship from the creators themselves. Steve and Aidan will help you build your dream eCommerce business from beginning to end, other eCommerce programs simply will teach you a few basic, overly-used, and under-performing tactics, then leave you out in the middle of nowhere. 

Second thing, Kibo Code Quantum provides you with an automated system that uses the potential of robots and AI to empower the way of operating business, unlike other eCommerce programs that are still offering outdated strategies and the traditional ways of managing an eCommerce business.

Kibo Code Quantum Price

The total cost of the program is $3497(with an instant discount of $497), but if you cannot afford the full payment up-front, you can opt for the payment plan set up, where you will make four payments of $997, the first payment on the first day of the purchase, the second in 30 days’ time, the third in 60 days’ time, and the fourth in 90 days’ time. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well! 

Pros & Cons of Kibo Code Quantum:


●     A simple, quick, and easy method that everyone can understand. It is very intuitive.

●     It comes with Kibo Code Quantum bonus offers that are only accessible to members. 

●    Training is given by internet marketing gurus who have extensive track records in the field. 

●     There are zero traffic issues in the Kibo Code Quantum program, so your experience should be smooth and seamless. 

●     You do not need any inventory or buying products yourself.

●     Users have no supplier-related issues due to suppliers being vetted by the program.

●     No e-commerce experience is needed!


●     VERY LIMITED spots for the mentorship program and lessons. 

●     The price may be a concern for some people, especially students. This is called “Sticker Shock.” 

Our Final Thoughts

Buying things online is not only the norm in the past few years, but it’s become expected. We now have discussions between people where one person says how they “still like to go into a store physically,” and 15 years ago, that wasn’t even an idea worth telling because it was so obvious, like, “Yeah, what else would you do? Buy online?? [laugh]”. 

When you learn from Kibo Code Quantum, you learn from two of the best digital marketing and e-commerce minds in the biz (Booth and Steve Clayton), and they reveal the industry secrets to you so you can make some good, good passive income.  

2020 was a wild year, and we all probably want a fresh start in 2021, make 2021 your year and generate some happiness for yourself with Kibo Code Quantum. Make it a New Year’s Resolution for yourself. You will not regret it. 

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