Supes approve Valencia project updates

Newhall Ranch graders captured in aerial shot in March 2018. photo by Austin Dave, The Signal.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved motions Tuesday related to the Valencia project, formerly known as Newhall Ranch, a long-term, master-planned community located west of Interstate 5.

The project is planned to consist of approximately 25,000 dwelling units, 13 million square feet of commercial, industrial and other non-residential uses, and 10,000 acres of protected open space. 

In addition, the community is expected to include public facilities, such as park and recreation facilities, road and bridge improvements, landscaping, storm drains, as well as sewer and water improvements. 

The board unanimously approved a motion related to the Newhall Ranch Sanitation District, which is set to service the infrastructure of the Valencia project. 

This motion approved the $118,224.38 the Newhall Ranch Sanitation District has spent for operations, maintenance and capital projects from October through December 2020, as well as a recommended change in the wastewater service charge, which is reported yearly and collected via a homeowner’s property tax.  

The current service charge rate per single-family home is $54.72 per month, or $656.60 per year, and is set to increase to $56.36 per month, or $676.30 per year for the 2021-22 fiscal year, according to the district’s report, which is determined by the number of dwellings and is likely to increase as more of the community is developed. 

The Board of Supervisors also unanimously approved the formation of two new Mello-Roos, or community facilities districts, to establish a special tax to finance infrastructure improvements and services for the Valencia project. 

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