Sr. Roy Andrade CTO of Cyber Boy Corp. has produced a new 3D chess game


In the wake of the pandemic, when the world is halted in the dilemma, anxiety is hitting every teenager’s mind about the current scenario that is going on. The kids need a respite from all this and want to indulge themselves in something refreshing to get rid of all these thoughts for a while. In such a condition every child prefers a video game to get oneself entertained. Because video gaming has always been preferred by teenagers since the day the new era of technology began. Some kids are smarter and sharper at playing them, and some kids even aspire to create their own ones and dream to produce their own games, if life gives them a chance. The ones who aspire to create their own tech companies are more intelligent than the ones who play. Sr. Roy Andrade is one of such gems who devote their lives to create such games.

Cyber Boy Corp. is a tech company, based in Beverly Hills, CA, United States of America, and has been busily creating video games lately. This tech company is going to release a 3 dimensional (3D) chess game in the upcoming months. Over the passing years, where the world is full with IMAX, IPad, IPhone, and so many other modern gadgets which have the potential to play a game in high-quality graphics, the demand for such games has reached the peak. The players of this time are demanding something newer and modern. The CTO of Cyber Boy Corp. Sr. Roy Andrade is aiming to produce something of that kind this time that should have the potential to meet the desires of the players.

As an owner, and being a CTO of the Cyber boy Corp. tech Company, Sr. Roy Andrade has a lot of expertise in the world of gaming, and bringing forward some innovations to the players.  Sr. Roy Andrade has achieved a lot so far in his journey, currently as his No#1 game is under production. This time Sr. Roy Andrade’s company Cyber Boy Corp., is going to release a 3D chess game that will be available by May 5, 2021. Sr. Roy Andrade believes that it’ll be a magnificent gift for the chess players, because of its special graphics that no chess game has come up with over the last few years. 

Sr. Roy Andrade’s mission is to produce a perfect game either in terms of graphics or animation and sound. Because he believes that the current games lack one classification or the other. As the number of tech companies has been growing over the years, only companies like Cyber Boy corp. can compete and withstand the player’s demands. Which could only be achieved with the continuous effort of Sr. Roy Andrade. We will be glad to hear from our players. Follow us on the Instagram page we have more than 260K followers already.

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