Instagram Bio Best Practices – Tips on Formatting Your Instagram Bio


Nowadays, Instagram has been steadily evolving every year and has become recognized as an online advertising and sales tool, not just a photo-sharing platform. It is said that Instagram advertising cost $ 20 billion in 2019, which is higher than the video-sharing platform YouTube.

However, especially if you look at the Exploration section, you will come across a fascinating profile. Not only do you see profiles in the Exploration section, but you also see many exciting profiles in the Recommendations section, who are doing these by using the SMM World Panel. So this article will introduce how to practice the best bio on your Instagram account. 

Add line breaks to your bio:

Normally you can’t add a line break to your Instagram biography because you can’t change the bio section line in Instagram when you click back. But you can do that outside of Instagram.

All you have to do is write your bio in another writing application like Word. Write a biography with line breaks in another application and copy the text. You can create a biography with line breaks by pasting the text into your Instagram biography and clicking Finish.

Use the Name field to share top targeted keywords:

The biography name field is the user name. Did you know that it is completely separated from the? Although Name fields are rarely used, it is a valuable SEO feature. You can customize it with Instagram Bio to reach more people searching for the app.

Indeed, with the rollout of Instagram’s new keyword search tool, we believe SEO discoverability will become an even more critical feature this year. They are using the name field for more information about their business description that you pick up. Using targeted keywords instead of usernames in this field is a great strategy to help potential new followers find your brand or business.

Add a unique character to your Instagram bio:

There are several ways to add a unique character to your Instagram biography. Again, you still have to do it outside of Instagram. Adding special characters will make the profile more recognizable.

Moreover, you can add special characters in several ways. One way to do this is to use Word. Open the page in Word and write your biography. Then click Insert and then click Advanced Symbols. In this way, you can scroll through the symbols provided by Word, such as arrows and zodiac symbols.

Add a phrase to Instagram Bio:

Instagram only provides one link to your profile, so it’s a good idea to use the last line of the copy to tell the user what’s included if the user clicks on your link.

For example, if you want to offer a new resource, limited-time offer, or promotion, be sure to let your profile visitors know. So don’t be afraid to use emoji to look at the links in Instagram’s biography. They make your links stand out and add some personality to your profile.

Add contact details to Instagram Bio:

When you want your Instagram profile to be a one-stop-shop for new visitors, making an easy contact to find your location is the best way to switch Instagram’s business profile.

In addition to creating advertised posts and ads and gaining access to Instagram’s built-in analytics, you can switch to Instagram’s business profile to add essential contact information directly to your Instagram biography.

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