Top Southern California Destinations to Visit that are Actually Open in 2021


Southern California is home to some of the best tourist spots in the country, combining scenic natural locals and amazing parks for visitors to enjoy. But ever since the changes that happened in 2020, some of these locations were forced to close for the meantime.

With the world opening up once again, it’s nice to stretch out those legs and take a trip on some of the most popular spots in Southern California. And while you’re traveling to the next destination, check this page to get some perks for your next play session.

Southern California Tourist Spots You Should Definitely Visit

1.         Santa Monica Pier

2.         Runyon Canyon Park

3.         Universal Studios Hollywood

4.         Knott’s Berry Farm

5.         Disneyland Park

Santa Monica Pier

Located in the wonderful city of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Pier is a premier travel destination for its picturesque view, amazing beach, and jam-packed entertainment offerings. Whether you’re into the surf and sand or designer shops and restaurants, the 100-year old pier is sure to have something to offer its diverse guests.

Spend some time at the famous Third Street Promenade, a premier shopping hub filled with well-known stores, and you may bump into a celebrity or two while shopping around. For nature lovers, you can practice your angling skills in the fishing port, while the sandy beach makes a great background for selfies.

Plus, you can cap off your trip with a visit to the world-famous Pacific Wheel, one of the pier’s main attractions. This solar-powered Ferris wheel is studded with over 170,000 LED lights and is a perfect sight to behold especially at night.

Runyon Canyon Park

Fancy an unforgettable experience with nature while burning off a few pounds? Take a quick visit to the Runyon Canyon Park located at the Santa Monica Mountain’s eastern side.

Open daily from sunrise to sunset, the park has several trails with picturesque views for a day of running and hiking, including the city of Los Angeles and the iconic Hollywood sign. Pets are allowed within the part, with certain off-leash areas available to give your lovely dog some room to play and relax.

If you’re up to the challenge, you can climb up Indian Rock, the park’s highest point at an elevation of 1,320 ft. The view from above makes a social media-worthy background, with a chance of meeting a celebrity or two along the way.

Universal Studios Hollywood

While not yet operating at full capacity, Universal Studios Hollywood is making a comeback, and visitors are more than excited to experience the park’s beloved and new attractions. Located at Universal City, the newly-reopened park is open for visitors between 9 am to 6 pm daily.

The family-friendly theme park’s rides and attractions revolve around their famous franchises, bringing visitors a step closer to their favorite movie’s world. Whether you’re a fan of King Kong or Harry Potter, there is an attraction or location that will scratch your movie itch.

There are also several gift shops, cafes, and restaurants that offer food and other items based on the studio’s popular titles. Another must-visit section is the Universal CityWalk, where guests can buy some unique memorabilia, see live performances, and catch a movie.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm has recently reopened, just in time for visitors to join in celebrating the park’s 100th anniversary. One of the most visited parks in North America as of 2015, the 23-hectare amusement park is home to some of the best attractions and rides in the world.

Along with the tried-and-true rides and facilities of Knott’s Berry Farm, the park promises new and fresh experiences as part of their 100th-anniversary celebration. This includes a 4D interactive ride that highlights some of their beloved classics, nightly ceremonies where attractions will light up the evening, and many more surprises for visitors to watch out for.

Once the thrills are filled, you can hit Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant for some delectable meals, or check out some child-friendly shows in the park. There are also several gift stores available where you can hook up on some items that celebrate the theme park’s 100 years of service.

Disneyland Park

After a year of the shutdown, “the happiest place on Earth” is back in action and ready to accommodate visitors once again. From jaw-dropping locales to heart-pumping rides, Disneyland has everything it needs to make kids and kids at heart smile and have fun.

Enjoy the amenities of two theme parks, several hotels, and a line of shopping and entertainment areas where some of the park’s unique offerings are available. You can also watch live performances, parades, and remarkable fireworks show during your stay. Meeting your favorite Disney character is also inevitable in the park, a memorable experience indeed for anyone.

While Disneyland is open to the public, admittance is only limited to California residents for the time being. Aside from being fully vaccinated, visitors are required to show proof of residency and a negative test before entering the location. On a positive note, new guidance coming from the state of California may recommend the part to operate with no restrictions soon (

There are many tourist spots and beloved locations that are reopening their doors to the public after more than a year of closure. It’s time to get back on the road and visit these destinations with renewed vigor and inspiration.

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