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It is that time of the year, summer which comes with the great sunlight and a lot of heat and I am sure you won’t like the idea of being soaked in sweat all summer long, especially at the office or at home. You can easily avoid the dry, hot, and stuffy air with the Pure Chill portable AC. The information from the official website states that the Arctic AC unit is a portable air conditioning device which can ideally be used in any room to cool the air. Preferably the unit works best in small spaces because of its relative small size. It is also noteworthy that the Arctic Pure Chill AC features the trademarked Hydro-Chill Technology to cool down hot and dry air. 

Instead of having to endure the use of a noisy window air conditioning or a central air conditioning requiring an expensive professional installment, the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC can be simply purchased and set up immediately. The good thing about it is that you simply can keep it running while relaxing or sleeping, because it runs very quietly. 

This review takes a deep dive into the Arctic Pure Chill AC. We also dispel the myth that the Arctic Pure Chill AC is a scam and we also show how you can make the best out of the Arctic Pure Chill AC. 

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What is Arctic Pure Chill AC? 

To put it in simple terms, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is described as a hot, dry room air conditioning system. The diminutive but mighty unit is quick to start the cooling process, thereby making your personal space as a user more comfortable. 

The main advantage of using such a portable AC unit is that the Arctic Air Pure chill does not make use of a conventional HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, but rather, it uses a mixture of water/moisture and evaporation techniques to hydrate and cool the air, thus making it easier to tolerate hot weather. It operates primarily as an air cooler and a Humidifier while also having the ability to work as a fan. Apart from just the use of water, the Arctic Air Pure Chill includes an ice tray that keeps the cool air blasting perpetually. 

How Does the Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC cool the air?  

If you have ever used an air conditioner before, you probably would be wondering how this small-sized gadget can cool the air. With the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC, users will find it easy to use as it works pretty simple. Luckily, the manufacturers provide a guide for using and details to understand more about the air conditioner. Here are a number of details you will need to know before using the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC device. 

  • The Arctic Pure Chill AC is useful to humidify and cool the air for more comfort. 
  • Arctic Pure Chill AC uses the hydro-chill technology. 
  • It cools down hot dry air. 
  • Features rapid cooling. 
  • It can run up to 10 hours per fill. 
  • Has a multi directional vent to help direct air. 
  • LED night light control panel. 
  • Quiet, lightweight & portable. 

Specification of Arctic Pure Chill AC 

Here are a number of the components that the Arctic Pure Chill AC comes with when you inbox: 

  • Water curtains that are replaceable: Each of the water curtains the Pure Chill AC lasts for approximately 7 to 9 months. To replace it, you simply need to soak and insert it. 
  • Water tank: The Arctic Pure Chill AC comes with an in-built tank used to add water. 

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Features and benefits of Arctic Pure Chill AC 

  • Lightweight Device: Since the Arctic Air Pure AC device can be used by connecting the power adapter to the wall, you’ll be able to use this device anywhere there a wall outlet available. 
  • Water Chamber: The Arctic Air Pure Chill AC has a 450 ml water chamber where you fill the water tank before using this device but will not require the water level check every hour, It has been described as a no refill tank. 
  • This fantastic machine uses evaporation technology to function, and this is often how it can save electricity. 
  • Multiple Fan Speed Settings: The Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC cooling device has multiple fan speeds to set its cooling effect. These include low, moderate, and high. If the weather is not too hot, moderate will be a great choice, but if you cannot tolerate the heat, you are free to set it to high. 
  • Adjustable Vends and Replaceable Filters: The device features adjustable vents to help direct air. The filters can help filter out dust, toxins, and other air pollutants. However, you would have to at times, clean or change the curtain after a couple of months of using the device. 
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use: It is ideal to choose to use this Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC to cool and moisturize the air indoors, but it is also suitable for outdoor use. It will come in handy on an incredibly hot day when you want to enjoy your backyard or balcony, but you don’t want to be dripping with sweat. It is however important to know that you will need to have an available electrical outlet nearby if you want to use this device outside. 
  • Long Lasting Water Cycle: This air cooler’s water cycle tends to be a long one. After you fill up your air conditioners water tank, you may not need to refill it again for up to 10 hours. If you are using your device in your bedroom as you sleep, this means that one fill may last you for the entire night, unless you sleep for longer than 10 hours. 
  • Whisper Quiet: On a related note, the fan within this device has been designed to be extremely quiet, which means that it is unlikely to wake anyone while they are sleeping. It is also unlikely to disturb anyone who’s using the air cooler while they’re working or engaging in another quiet activity, such as reading or knitting. 

Pros and Cons of the Arctic Pure Chill AC 

The wonderful pros of this AC include; 

  • It is a quiet device: Unlike the regular air conditioners that require installation, Arctic Air Pure air conditioners can ensure that you can read and sleep in peace because the AC cooler runs very quietly. You can place it wherever you would like, and it is guaranteed to not disturb people around you. 
  • Features a spacious water tank: This is in fact another excellent feature that makes this device stand out. A spacious 450ml water tank allows you to enjoy using the device and requires relatively no refilling. It means you’ll be able to focus on your work as you use the device, as you would not be required to fill the tank over and over again, which saves you time. 
  • Easy to Maintain: As mentioned earlier, the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC only requires you to wash it once in a while to make sure it works effectively. The device comes with a 5V USB-A to coaxial plug, so you don’t need to walk around with wires for the air conditioner to function. The coaxial port is located on the back door of the unit. 
  • It is very portable: Earlier on, we mentioned that the Arctic Air Pure Chill air conditioner is a portable device. It is an excellent feature that permits you to use the device with ease and luxuriate in its cooling effects in any area you would like to. You can move it freely because it may be a lightweight device. 
  • Budget and pocket friendly: An installed cooler can cost you much as you will need to pay for installation services, maintenance services, electricity, and still buy the equipment. With the Arctic Air Pure Chill cooler, you’ll save cash as you will only need to buy the device, and there is no maintenance cost required. At the moment, you’ll be able to purchase the Arctic Air Pure device at a good discount. 
  • Sleek Design: The design also adds up. If you like to decorate your room, this device allows you to add a unique touch to your room and still gives you the cooling effect you need. You can place your device on any flat surface. It will work perfectly. 

However, the cons include; 

  • It is only available for purchase online. 
  • It is designed specifically for one person. It is a personal device 
  • It is only available in limited stock. 

Why is Arctic Pure Chill AC unique? 

First of all; it saves the user a lot of money. Unlike the traditional air coolers that are very expensive to purchase, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is really affordable and easy to install and maintain. Getting the traditional air conditioning system requires that you hire a professional to mount and set it for you this costs a lot of money as the service charge is normally high and the same thing also applies to its maintenance; the user needs to hire a professional to also unmeant it before running a maintenance on a conventional air conditioner. 

This is not the case with the Arctic Pure Chill AC as the maintenance as outlined above is very easy and does not require any extra service charge. 

The second point of uniqueness is that this Arctic Pure Chill AC is very portable. Unlike the traditional air cooler that is very cumbersome and takes up a lot of space, the Arctic Pure Chill AC can be kept in a corner as it is very portable. 

Also because of the size of traditional air coolers, once it is turned on, everyone in the room must adapt to the new temperature whether they like it or not but this product is for personal use so can be adjusted to serve just the user. It is also ideal for people living in small homes and for travelers. 

Who needs an Arctic Pure Chill AC? 

Generally speaking, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is for anyone who just wants to survive the summer heat and enjoy the summer holidays while doing that. If you are also on a budget, it is very ideal for you. The Arctic Pure Chill AC drives down your electricity bills and this is much appreciated in such a situation of scorching weather if not managed sufficiently. 

If you are someone constantly on the move that means that you would not really have the luxury of erecting permanent installations of AC on your apartment. It is a good portable AC that can easily be transferred when you are moving houses. 

Is Arctic Pure Chill AC legit or scam?  

Based on the glowing user reviews, the Arctic Pure Chill AC is not at all a scam. The users that have reviewed this product have nothing but praise for this device. 

It is also advisable to get it from the official site to be sure of an authentic version of the Arctic Pure Chill AC. So you won’t be among those calling the Arctic Pure Chill AC a scam. 

How does Arctic Pure Chill AC work? 

The Arctic Pure Chill AC works on the trademarked Hydro Chill Technology. Hydro Chill Technology is a kind of cooling method whereby you add in moisture to a device and it gets evaporated as some sort of mist to provide cooling. 

It has its roots in evaporative cooling.  

The arctic pure chill ac is so much different from other air conditioning systems, which employ vapour compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. These cooling techniques uses the scientific fact that water will absorb a relatively large amount of heat in order to evaporate which in chemistry means that it has a large enthalpy of vaporization. The temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the evaporation phase (which is the conversion of the water in liquid form to vapors). This can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration. In extremely dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the extra advantage of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants. 

Broadly speaking, there are two sorts of evaporative cooling techniques: 

  • Direct evaporative cooling 
  • Indirect evaporative cooling 

In direct evaporative cooling, the method of lowering the temperature and increasing the humidity of air is achieved by using heat of transformation of evaporation, changing liquid water to water vapors. During this process, the energy within the air doesn’t change. Warm dry air is modified to relax moist air. The warmth of the surface air is used to evaporate water. The ratio increases to about 80 percent which reduces the cooling effect of human perspiration. The moist air has to be continually released to outside alternatively the air becomes saturated and evaporation stops. 

In indirect evaporative cooling, we observe that it is a cooling process that uses direct evaporative cooling additionally to some device to transfer the cool energy to the availability air. The cooled moist air from the direct evaporative cooling process never comes in direct contact with the conditioned supply air. The moist air stream is released outside or used to cool other external devices like solar cells which are more efficient if kept cool. This is often done to avoid excess humidity in enclosed spaces, which is not appropriate for residential systems. 

The cooling feature in traditional air conditioning systems is accomplished using the vapors compression cycle, which uses the forced circulation and phase transition of a refrigerant between gas and liquid to transfer heat. The vapors compression cycle can occur within a unitary, or packaged piece of equipment; or within a chiller that’s connected to terminal cooling equipment like a variable refrigerant flow terminal or a lover coil unit on its evaporator side including heat rejection equipment on its condenser side. An air source device has shares many components with an air con system but includes a reversing valve which allows the unit to be used to heat also as cool an area. 

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How is Arctic Pure Chill AC used? 

There isn’t much work required to set up the setup of the Arctic Air Pure  

Chill AC. You as a user will only need to place the device on a flat, stable surface.  

Users will also need to connect the power adapter to the wall outlet and the port of the air conditioning. Once the device is plugged in, users can remove the water curtain from the drawer; the water curtain also has a LED night light inside the water curtain  

Chamber for added light in a bedroom or a dark area at night.  

First, soak in cold water to cool off areas when it is placed back in the drawer. Filing is easy with a 450 ml water tank capacity.  

Once you have filled the device with water, choose one of the multiple fan speeds; adjust the louvers to allow the air to blow in the direction you prefer. 

Where can I buy Arctic Pure Chill AC 

You can get the Arctic Pure Chill AC only on the official website. This is often to confirm authenticity. 

The Arctic Pure Chill AC is often ordered on the web site of the official provider. The provider provides you with tons of data and details about the device price and the general specifications. 

The website also offers you a refund and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if  

you do not like the product.  

There are four different purchasing packages that you can select from;  

  • 1 Arctic Pure Chill AC unit for $89.99  
  • 2 Arctic Pure Chill AC units for $179.98  
  • 3 Arctic Pure Chill AC units for $202.99  
  • 4 Arctic Pure Chill AC units for $247.99  

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Customer review on Arctic Pure Chill AC 

Dave says: “I bought this for a bedroom on those extremely hot nights. I set it up this morning to check it out and by just using cold tap water I could feel the coolness. Gives you the option for freeze style too but not sure I will ever need that. Has different settings and the different colored lights are fun.” 

Rosa says: “I am glad I purchased this and I think it will come in handy when I need it when a regular fan is not cutting it.” 

Robert says: “I personally like mine. It is easy to use, features a low and background level noise range, and at $40.00 proves to be a great buy. It is not an air conditioning so doesn’t expect it to cool you down like one, but it is great for what it offers. It is a very good personal space cooler.” 

Mike says: “It works great to place on a bedside table and turn it toward the bed at nighttime.” 

Jon says: “I purchased this to assist cool the house during this heat wave in WA. And I am pleasantly surprised. It is a small unit but it does move some air around.” 

Sarah says: “Super easy setup. It took me less than 5 minutes, including reading the required information. I just turned it on at highest speed and it is definitely more powerful airflow and slightly colder airflow than older model. It is not going to cool you from any great distance, but it does a works great on a nightstand or near your computer to cool you down and that in my opinion makes it worthwhile for now.” 

Ray says: “I placed it on my computer table and pointed it at me. Keeps me cool and love the breeze even at the lowest fan setting. This does not replace an AC, but if you’re just looking to keep one small room cool. Like a bedroom or office. I would say this is often a reasonably solid choice.” 

Frequently Ask Question of Arctic Air Pure Chill Ac Review 

There are some questions out there are asked about the Arctic Pure Chill AC. Some of these questions include: 

Q: What does the degree of cooling depend on? 

A: The degree of cooling depends on three factors: the surface air temperature, the air humidity, and therefore the device settings you select. Arctic Air Pure Chill works supported the evaporation process. The higher the temperature and therefore the lower the humidity, the more actively evaporation occurs, and, therefore, the stronger the cooling effect. By adjusting the settings, you’ll be able to choose the most comfortable thermal conditions for you. 

Q: Where do products ship from? 

A: Products ship from Nevada and New Jersey of the United States. 

Q: How does it work? 

A: Arctic Air Pure Chill uses Hydro Chill Technology that combines with evaporative cooling to turn hot, stale air into cold, moist air. It also features a UV light and filter. 

Q: How much does it cool the air? 

A: The change in temperature depends on external conditions and the power of the air conditioning. In regions with high humidity, the difference is going to be far greater than in dry and hot regions. 

Q: What are the different colors that the unit can change to? 

A: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Aqua 

Q: How much water does the tank hold? 

A: Arctic Air Pure Chill has a water tank that can hold up to 750ml of water. 

Q: What is the range of the area it will cool? 

A: The cooling zone of the Arctic Air Pure Chill is 45 sq ft. It is designed for small areas. It will help you create the most comfortable conditions at your workplace or recreational space. 

Q: How often should I replace the filter? 

A: It is recommended to replace the air filter every three to six months, depending on usage. There is no indication system that notifies you when the filter should get replaced. 

Q: How much noise does it make? 

A: Arctic Air Pure Chill is practically silent. It is no louder than your computer’s cooling fan. 

Conclusion of Arctic Pure Chill AC Review 

In conclusion of this review, we have gone through a detailed and comprehensive explanation and description of the usefulness of this device for features which also include an air cooler, a fan and a lamp. 

It can be then correctly said that this air conditioning unit model would definitely help you survive the coming heat waves and that is meant both literally and figuratively. You have an excellent option if you are trying to find a less expensive alternative either in terms of the price of getting a standard air conditioning, or in terms of electricity consumption bills. 

We have described the functionality of the air conditioning here in detail; the technical details to also understand the scientific basis and persuasions to urge this product. It is important to note that it works with the special evaporative technology that makes it extremely easy to maintain and even cheaper to maintain. 

Your pocket would not suffer too if you are going for this product. It goes for as low as 40 dollars as compared to the typical price of 5000 dollars for a standard air conditioning set. 

So, it would be a good idea to arm you with an Arctic Pure Chill Air Conditioner 

to fight the scorching summer heat. 

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