Buddy Buds Earbuds Reviews 2021-Legit or Scam-Complete Info


Make your travel time and activities make more interesting with Buddy Buds Earbuds that give amazing sound-quality music.

Ear pods have become a constant necessity in life. With different designs of ear pods and earplugs available in the market, everyone wants to buy something that is made with the latest technology. Buddy Buds Earbuds is one of those ear pods which are designed using all the advanced tech-minds. Buddy Buds Earbuds are designed specially to fit in the ears properly without being a pain in your ears. Buddy Buds Can Be Purchased Through Their Official Site.

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Buddy Buds Earbuds being a huge trend in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom has won the “Most Innovative Wireless Headphones 2019” award. These sets of ear pods are sleek and lightweight.

What Are Buddy Buds Earbuds?

Buddy Buds Earbuds are wireless headphones that can be connected to a device via Bluetooth. Buddy Buds Earbuds are compact and lightweight which make them easy-going on your ears. The ear pods are designed using the latest and advanced technology.

Buddy Buds Earbuds allow you to answer your calls through the ear pods themselves rather than using your phones. With this set of mini pods, you can also carry out heavy activities like running or working out as they won’t slip off your ears because they are sweat-proof. Buddy Buds Earbuds can be connected to android, iOS, or even to windows and that too on laptops, PCs, TVs, etc.

Benefits of Buddy Buds Earbuds

Buddy Buds Earbuds serve various advantages like:

·         The ear pods can be connected to the Bluetooth device instantly with its fast-connect feature.

·         Buddy Buds Earbuds provide amazing sound quality.

·         Fast-charging is enabled in the ear pods which allow you to charge them for 2 hours in just 15 minutes.

·         Ear pods are water-proof and sweat- resistant and thus you need not worry much about taking care of these ear pods.

·         They do not fall out from ears easily.

·         It lets you control your music without using the phone.

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Specifications of Buddy Buds Earbuds:

Buddy Buds Earbuds have Bluetooth version 5.0 connection which means they can be connected to all the latest phones. They are made with waterproof and sweat-proof material.
Quick charge 3.0 allows you to use them for 30 hours because of their powerful 600 mAh battery. The connection can be made to any device including PCs.

The LED light is in-built and it indicates if the ear pods are ON. The power button and pause/play buttons are also available on the master ear pods.

How to Use Buddy Buds Earbuds?

You can easily connect the Buddy Buds Earbuds to your smartphone. Switch-On the power button on the ear pods and you will see a light on the ear pods when they are ready for connectivity.

On your mobile, turn on the Bluetooth and pair the device with Jive mini ear pods. Once connected, you need not use your phone to pause, play, or answer calls. With the different modes of buttons available on the main ear pod, you will be able to answer calls, play or pause audio or a video.

What Makes Buddy Buds Earbuds Different From Other Ear Pods?

Buddy Buds Earbuds are designed with premium-quality material that lasts long and does not break easily like other ear pods. The sound quality of Buddy Buds Earbuds and their battery life are much better than other ear pods available online. Other ear pods do not give you strong Bluetooth connectivity whereas Buddy Buds Earbuds have the strongest Bluetooth connection.

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Buddy Buds Earbuds are water-proof and sweat-proof besides being comfortable to the ears. Many ear pods do not allow you to answer calls or pause with the ear pods but Buddy Buds Earbuds allow you to perform certain functions without touching your phone.

Reviews From the Customers

1) Melisa- These are the best ear pods that I have ever come across. My friend suggested I buy this one and they are so good. Connectivity is awesome and it’s been more than three months that I have been using these.

2) Jonathan- I love running and every time I used to go for a run, my old ear pods would either slip because of sweat or just stop working. But jive ear pods are so much better. They stay fixed in your ears even if you run a lot or sweat so much. I like them.

3) Lee M- I have been using these ear pods for some time now and they are amazing. The sound quality is good. You can answer calls without touching your phone and even the Bluetooth connection is so strong.

4) John- My earlier earplugs would just hurt on my ears. They did not even last long. I decided to buy Jive ear pods and I am so in love with them. These earpads are soft on the ears.

5) K Hindson- Amazing! This technology is brilliant. Ear pods are working fine.

Where to Buy the Buddy Buds Earbuds From?

We always suggest buying the products from their official websites to stay safe from scams and fake products. Similarly, we have mentioned the link to the official website for you to buy the ear pods. This website is offering ear pods at huge discounts.

If you buy through the link mentioned here, you will receive additional offers too. Don’t let this chance go; get your hands on the best ear pods now.

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Final Verdict

We see continuous complaints of ear pods on the internet. It sometimes feels difficult to believe if these ear pods would ever work. But with what the customers are saying and the product specifications we see, we are sure Buddy Buds Earbuds will be a good purchase for you.

This article talks about the details of Buddy Buds Earbuds and answers the basic questions like where to buy these ear pods from, how to use them, and how are they different from other ear pods. Did you like the sound quality of Buddy Buds Earbuds? Comment your answer below.

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