Things to look into before choosing a university

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The last few months of high school can be very confusing and stressful as the need to make choices regarding the next step to be taken in life overwhelms. For people who decide to go vocational after high school, choosing a vocation can be daunting. However, it sure cannot be as daunting as the choices people who want to proceed to the university have to make.  

Way before now, fliers, texts, emails, and other types of adverts have been overcrowding you and trying to convince you about the university to attend, with tangible reasons on their parts, of course.  

That makes it look like you are spoilt for choices, right? Of course, it seems so; until the availability of too many options leads to confusion, and you have to go back to the basics and try to get your choice of university right most simply.  

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Now that we have gotten over what is mainly needed to get into the university, let’s discuss what should be considered before choosing the university to attend. Remember, the university is the peak level that prepares you for the future.  


  • Academics 

It is a fact that the primary aim of attending the university is to learn. This is exactly why you have to put academics at the foremost of your list when considering the university to study.  

Do you already know the vital subjects you want? Then it is as simple as finding a university that offers the major. If you do not know the major to pick, there is no problem yet. You can still change your academic programs in the university. Notwithstanding, you might also want to consider a university with multiple majors to explore your ambition. 

While you are at it, you should also check the academic quality, accreditation status, and reputation of a university before resting the choice of your future on it.  

  • Finances 

Unlike high school, the university is where the issue of finance may get worrying. That is why you have to consider your finances carefully before picking a university. Consideration of the university’s tuition and available payment options is crucial.  

You will also need to look into scholarships available as well as other options for financial aids. The cost of living in the institution is also essential as it generally will affect your finances in the long run.  

  • Location 

Location seems like a factor that you may not necessarily need to consider, but the truth is, you do want to believe it. A university is where you will be spending the next few years, probably the first few of your adult years. Therefore, it is not enough to pick a university for academics; you must also consider the location. 

Factors like the climate, culture, proximity, transportation features, and whether the university is in a bustling urban area or a calm rural area are ones you would want to consider while picking a university.  

The location of your university may determine the type of exposure you get while in the university, and it may also add up to features that might be available for you, like part-time jobs, cinemas, jazz halls, among others.  

  • Extra curriculum activities 

While academics are the number one reason for attending the university, the university is generally meant to build your life and determine your future. This is why you can’t do away with the necessity of extra-curricula activities while in the university.  

Therefore, you should consider a university that gives you good academics and has programs that interest you. In the future, the university might help train you further in those activities. Perchance, you might not need your academic qualification again in the long run since you are already making waves with that, which is considered extra.  

  • Campus facilities and amenities 

The university campus with available facilities should be considered as a high priority on your consideration list. You need to consider if the university campus has on-campus halls of residence, the type and facilities available in the halls, dining halls, relaxation amenities, sports amenities, medical amenities, internet services, as well as other things that you need to be comfortable. 

  • Career services 

The preeminent reason for going to the university is to help define the future and prepare us for our career lives to prevent us from depending on our parents forever. We, therefore, can’t say it enough that you have to consider the career services offered by a university before making it your choice. 

Does the college you are about to pick offer internship placements, helps prepare for job search, or even study work experience? You can never be wrong by checking if your prospective university has an excellent career service for students.  


With all that has been discussed, choosing a college to advance your studies, you should also discover yourself and use that in pivoting yourself towards the right choice, not only of college but also of a college major. 

Also, do make sure to double-check your college choices regarding the academics, location, amenities, and every other thing we have discussed here. We hope you make an excellent choice for college and make choices that will enable you to enjoy your university life.  

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