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In the modern world, it might be hard to be a student. It does not matter if you are a high school or a college student – sometimes you might need a little help with a paper. So you would turn to a specialist. But it might be hard to find the perfect essay writing service that satisfies your needs based on the budget you have for the subject of your paper. Our team of writers researched and figured out what services are the best to offer you. So we present to you the top 4 essay writing services for any case. – One of The Best Essay Writing Services

Write My Papers is one of the best essay writing services that you can find. We are amazed that they have a bunch of free samples for you to get started with. Look at the reasons to choose this service on their website – they describe all the details you might be interested in. See the prices, academic credentials of the writers, details of the writing process, etc. 

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They offer many services from assignment writing to admission essay help, tutoring, and so on. They provide worldwide 24/7 support and are customer oriented. 

We have to mention that their website is very user-friendly. On the first page, you can see a calculator to estimate the price of your paper. You have to enter your academic level, choose what you need from a wide range of types of papers, sort them by popularity for easier navigation around them, input the required size in words or pages, and the deadline. It takes just a minute but allows you to see if it satisfies your budget and what changes will affect the price. 

An important note about the price: this service is very affordable. Prices start at $12 per page. There is a system of bonuses and discounts as well. – Custom Essay Writing Service 

Essays Writing is a custom essay writing service. It is the best for its subject matter experts. You can get proof of the writers’ qualifications and make sure they have flawless English. This service has very democratic prices – prices per page start at $10. Notice that the price might differ depending on the complexity of your paper, deadlines, etc. But besides that, they have a promo code that will give you a 10% discount for any paper ordered if you are new to this service. 

This service has a suitable calculator to estimate the price for your paper in advance without filling out the order form. If the price and other criteria satisfy you, proceed to the order page and fill out a simple form. As you can see, placing an order for an academic paper on services like this does not take much time and skill. It makes your life easier. 

This service deals with all imaginable academic projects. Whether you need an essay about your summer vacation, an admission letter, or scientific research, you can find someone to help you here. – High Quality Writing Service

Paper Writings is chosen by our writers for several reasons. They provide high quality for affordable prices. An average paper cost will start at $10 per page.  

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This website offers you a list of services: writing from scratch, proofreading, even problem-solving. The ordering process is quite simple and described in detail on their first page. You start with giving your requirements for the paper – its size, the deadline, academic level and type of the paper, etc. You can upload any files to your order form if needed. After that, you proceed to the chat with your writer, where you can give some details and ask or answer any necessary questions. This service emails you when your paper is done, and they also give you a free revision if needed. After checking the paper, you can give feedback that will help other students in the future. 

This top-rated essay writing service will make your academic life easier and better. Look at their website and visit the FAQ page if you have any questions about the writing process, writers’ qualifications, pricing policy, etc. –Write Your Paper with Writing Service

Buy Essay Friend is the best service if you need your paper done in a short time, like three hours. Look at the satisfaction rate and the number of satisfied students. You can also notice that this service has a great team of about 7 thousand writers.  

This website allows you to look at their writers and see their experience, the subjects they are specialize in, and the number of finished orders. The statistics can help you imagine how well these people can write your paper. 

Buy Essay Friend has a list of useful links on the first page you might want to take a look at. There are some recommendations for writing different kinds of papers. We consider this helpful, especially if you decide to order a paper because you do not know where to start. There is also a good guide on how to place an order. You can find a description of the entire process from estimating the price to downloading your paper and giving feedback there. 


What is a good essay writing service?

A good essay writing service is a service with a wide range of offers and high-quality works. We listed the top 4 services in this field. But we can mention that there are way more other services that are easy to find online. There are not many differences between different sites because they provide the same service – essay writing. But there still are some. So pay attention to various details and compare a bunch of services before choosing the right one for yourself. We suggest looking at: 

  • writers’ qualification and language proficiency (see if there are native speakers or ESL writers, make sure they will satisfy your teacher’s grading policy) 
  • required minimum time until the deadline (usually it is better to have at least one week until the deadline, but make sure that you have enough time to satisfy the requirement) 
  • prices (the price is usually fixed per page, but it may vary based on the deadline and the subject of your paper) 

Are essay writing services illegal?

It is not illegal to buy essays, research papers, etc. But if you try to turn in the paper you bought, it would be against most schools’ policies. You should not violate academic integrity. You can buy a paper to use as a reference or a model to write your work if you feel like you cannot manage this topic on your own. In most cases, using an essay writing service for a school paper is helpful to find out what to start from. 

Is buying essays online safe?

The best and top-rated services in essay writing offer a money-back guarantee. It means that you can receive a full refund if you do not like the work that was done. Usually, it also refunds you if the paper you ordered was turned in after the set deadline. Another thing offered by many services is several revisions. It means if you do not like the entire essay or a particular thing about it, you can give it back to the writer. They will go over it and revise it to make any necessary changes that you requested. 


How do essay writing services work?

Essay writing services have a set process of hiring their writer to get your paper done. Here is an example of such a process: 

  1. You decide and describe the essay you need (its subject, size, deadlines, any additional requirements). 
  1. You look at the available writers on the website you chose. 
  1. The manager gives your task to the chosen writer, and you can mention all of the crucial details about your request. 
  1. The writer gets your paper done and gives it back to you. 

Depending on the service you choose, you might have an opportunity to give the essay back to the writer for a revision. In other cases, if you are not satisfied with the results of the writer’s work, you can get your money back. For example, the essay was given to you after the deadline, or the final paper does not meet the requirements that you gave to the writer. 

Will I get caught if I buy an essay?

It is not illegal to buy an essay online or somewhere else. But if you try to turn it in as your own, you might get in trouble as this violates academic integrity. If you have concerns about the question of plagiarism, do not worry. The documents that are written for the students go through many services for plagiarism checking. But in some cases, the essay writing service might publish their works on their website. It means your paper in the form you get it from the writer will be easily found by a plagiarism checker on that website. 

Who can help me write my essay?

There are a lot of teams of writers specializing in writing essays on different topics. You can look such services up on the internet where you can choose writers and offer them your task. But we suggest an easier way – some of the top services for essay writing, like the ones listed in this article. They are better for most cases because the manager or the program will offer you a shorter list of writers to choose from, as they will be selected based on the essay that you need. For example, the managers will offer you writers who are currently available and can get the work done by the set deadline. Or the ones that specialize in the subject of your essay the most.  

Who will write my essay?

Many services have freelance writers that specialize in different subjects. Depending on the service, you can often choose the author – for example, a native speaker or an ESL writer. The quality of the results usually does not differ much. But an ESL writer would be cheaper to hire. 

Be careful when choosing the service and, if you can, the author. Look at their writing samples, reviews from other students, etc. Pay attention to the writer’s peculiarities and your teacher’s grading policies. 

Another essential detail to notice when choosing the best essay writing service for you is the writer’s verification. Look at their academic credentials and previous experience, ensure their language proficiency. You do not want to pay for a low-quality paper, do you? 

Can I hire someone to write an essay?

Yes, you can. As we already said, there are plenty of services to order an essay from. Notice that some of the services specialize more in different areas – writing school or college papers, specific checking systems, etc. Of course, there are various essay writing services for different regions as well. A tip from our writers’ team: before planning on ordering a paper, make sure you have some time to choose the best service and writer for you. The qualification of the writer and the reliability of the service can affect your experience in hiring people for writing essays, especially if it is your first time doing it. 

Can I pay someone to write my essay?

That is what essay writing services are for. They help you find a reliable person to pay to get an essay done. For a better hiring experience, we suggest looking at these things while looking for a suitable service and finding a particular writer: 

  • look for a service based in the same region as you (at least the same country) 
  • read the reviews from the service’s customers 
  • take a look at the writing samples of different authors 
  • check the writer’s qualification 

How much does an essay cost?

The price for your essay depends on the deadlines, subject, writer’s level of proficiency, etc. If you want to lower the cost of your paper as much as possible, we suggest choosing an ESL author over a native speaker and extending the deadline. At the same time, note that the cost usually does not affect the quality of the text in general, including no plagiarism and (or) grammatical issues. You can also see if any of the services have repeated-client discounts. We would say that the average price per page varies from $10 and up. In general, be ready to pay over $100 for the paper, depending on different circumstances. 

Top essay writing services in conclusion

We hope this article was helpful for you, especially if it is your first time ordering an academic paper. As you can see, it might not be as expensive as you thought, and very easy to do. Please remember that turning in the ordered paper would violate academic integrity and get you in trouble. Look for references and free samples if you need a little help to start. Do not be afraid of getting some help and make your academic life easier! 

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