7 Items You Must Include In Your Office Relocation Checklist

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Relocation is a heavy phrase as it involves many consequences, and there can be many reasons behind it. Sometimes it can occur if your business is not working out. Other consequences can be the demand for products and services are not fair in the markets around you. As a result, rent for the facility is increasing, or you no longer are seen making any profits in the same geographic location of the facility. 

There are many reasons for the decision to relocate. The company’s success depends upon how well you can relocate, and the HR and management should put all possible brain power and efforts to allow the operations to run smoothly. A simple mistake in office relocation can lead to the company losing hundreds or even allowing them to lose millions of dollars. It can be the result of production downtime. Paperwork errors and also can lead to lawsuits for the employees for unfair practices. 

Let’s know about the items to be included in the office relocation checklist: 

Organizing Files: 

Your office must be having a lot of documents and files when you are looking ahead to move. The IT team you are having should handle the move, especially if you tend to store a lot of data remotely in your cloud storage system. Hence you have to complement the strategy in any way. It would be best to have your network back up here and also need to move to your new office quickly to prevent your productivity.  

New office optics: 

The new office you are moving in should be ready as the business should continue to grow. You need to identify the things that you should consider important. Determine the headcount in your new office and check out the new layout for your office. Consider common areas, equipment, desk required. Buyout new furniture, department organization, or desk required.  

Equipment inventory and office furniture: 

The new office is likely to have dimensions completely different from the previous one, and filling the gaps is very important. Many businesses that tend to downsize may look to unload some of the furniture, and those who want to scale up can look forward to buying additional items. If your office has a different vibe or look, you can experiment with different furniture and inventory ideas. For the office supplies try visiting Office choice to help yourself in having everything in your space from the first day itself.  

Technology Requirements: 

One of the important sections in any office is its technological section, and on moving from one location to another, you need to start from scratch. The reason behind this is data is sacred, and losing it or a single breach can have a lot of impact on the business. Therefore, it is quite important to have a leadership team and prepare your IT team for relocation. 

From your original office, complete the assessment sheet for the number of servers, cabling, power resources and equipment you have and how many of them are in order, make a list and write it down. 

Old Space Management: 

You have ever tried to lease the apartment and have the inventory to damage the space once you move out. The section we go over for managing the exact process. First, you need to identify the inventory of your old space like damage, electricity, furniture, etc. and then cancel the services like internet, electricity, utilities. etc. Don’t forget to remove the company signboards. Next, also schedule and hire a professional for cleaning services. Then submit the passwords, keys, etc., to your landlord. 

Business Operations: 

It refers to the processes and people involved in the relocation. The office relocation checklist entails the high-level executives for your organization and the organizational development and HR teams task with the move. 

Here are some of the important tasks for including the below list in your area: 

  • Develop a dedicated timeline for your office relocation 
  • Appoint a team as relocation committee 
  • Now set a timeline for executives and committee members for individual relocation to a new location. 
  • Make a new layout and seating chart. 
  • Also, create a protocol for important data, confidential documents, equipment, etc. 

Above is the list of the six things that you should include in your office relocation checklist. If followed dedicatedly, these things can help you make your things easy in your new office and allow you to be productive as soon as you move there. 

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