Solvolt Solar Charger Reviews: Real Truth About The Solvolt Charger!

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Solvolt Solar Charger Reviews 

You need an additional source of power. Got it! You’re at the right place. 

I want to know how this unit works? Yea, that’s why we are here. But, one minute. A little bit of, what is a power bank? a question any newbie might ask. 

The idea of creating a unit for storing electrical power, something popularly known today as power bank, stems from our day-to-day experiences of battery running down and leaving us frustrated in the midst of an important outdoor event. You can imagine that right? The fun picture moment in a beach gets ruined by a red signal notification saying 5% remaining, connect to a power source, and then you look around and come to the consciousness that connecting to a power source is impossible because you’re in a damn beach. That’s a little bit for your imaginative sense. 

Let’s get practical and little bit technical. 

A solar charger is a device that uses sunlight to generate electricity. You may also be familiar with the term photovoltaic system. It’s still the same technology, but let’s focus on the solar charger in the meantime. 

So, the electricity generated from the sun is used to charge electrical devices, including cell phones, laptops, car batteries, reading lights, torches and personal fans. Because these chargers cannot directly expel electricity into the devices, an extended-life battery pack is included in the device. This stores the solar cells’ electricity in the battery, making it available for later using a charging super capacitor. It’s that simple, though. 

One may be wondering, since it’s solar system, does the unit have to be on the sun to work all the time. Valid concerns, but no. It doesn’t have to be kept in direct sunlight to work all the time.  

The charging super capacitor is the key to charging devices on-demand, even if the charger is not in direct sunlight at the time of use. In other words, the charger contains battery that stores the extra electricity for future use. It’s a portable device with the size ranging from the size of a mobile phone to something a little bigger than that. 

 At this point, what is SolVolt solar charger? 

 I understand you’ve been itching to know exactly whether this product is what you need. Let’s get started 

What is SolVolt Solar Charger? 

SolVolt is a portable solar battery charger that’s perfect for outdoor purposes. With it, you need not worry about your draining mobile phone batteries, needless to panic about your laptop battery going down in the midst of a webinar. Yea, car battery dying off in the middle of a trip can be scary but with Solvolt, it would be in the least of your worries. I’ve a feeling you already have an understanding of what Solvolt actually is, but I refuse to rely on this presumption, not to tell you the difference between Solvolt and other solar chargers. So, let’s look at the features, shall we? 

Features of SolVolt solar charger 

Charges 2 Devices At Once: You may have a need to charge more than one device at once, no worries at all. So much ingenuity was applied in the creation of this device. It’s the reason you have two USB ports. Plug in any two USB devices simultaneously for a full, sun-fueled charge up. 

Eco-friendly like never before: While you can go hiking, camping, climbing, or on long journeys without worrying about losing touch, you also need not to worry about harmful radiations of any kind because of the way the solar cells are well packaged. A sturdy, safe unit is the apt way to describe it. Sunlight is all it takes to get it recharged. 

High Volume Energy Capacity: 10,000mAH can charge a Samsung or iPhone 3+ times before the unit needs recharging. 

Fully Waterproof: Safe to use in the rain without concern of damage. 

Shockproof: Withstands adverse environmental conditions. It’s not a delicate piece of equipment! The SolVolt is made for ultimate survivability in all conditions. 

All-Weather Durability: The SolVolt is built to last in rugged mountaineering conditions including rain, snow, wind, and dirt. 

Compact and Portable: Easily fits into a backpack for easy carrying. 

Easy to Use: Simply snap it on the back of your backpack while hiking or lay it out in the sun to recharge the unit. 

Built-in LED Flashlight: Use the flashlight as a backup in case of emergencies so you’ll never be without light. 

Now that you know some of the quality features of Solvolt, you may now be wondering, how much is it sold?  

Some quick specifications of SolVolt Solar Charger 

  • It is easy to use.   
  • It is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof   
  • It can charge two devices at a time  
  • It is portable   
  • It has a LED flashlight for emergencies   
  • It uses a polycrystalline panel to charge through sunlight  
  • Its dimensions are 2.2 inches (width) and 4 inches (length)   
  • It only takes two hours to charge full   
  • It is highly energy efficient   
  • It works well both on IOS and android   
  • It comes in different colors   
  • Its capacity is 10,000 mAH  
  • It is a long-lasting device  

How does Solvolt Solare Charger Work? 

Someone is yet to understand how a solar battery charger works, technically. 

Here is how it works: 

You remember the photovoltaic system mentioned earlier in this review? Time to understand it better. 

A solar battery charger works similarly to a solar photovoltaic system and a more traditional battery bank storage system. First, sunlight strikes the surface of the device. This sunlight is then absorbed by the individual solar cells that make up the solar module. 

Next, photons from the sunlight excite the electrons within the material, usually silicon, to create an electric field. This is where the charger’s voltage comes from. This electric field is the force by which electrons travel to a solar battery charger kit. This battery then stores the electricity until you are ready to charge any compatible device. 

Next, a charge inverter, which is in charge of switching electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), turns the electricity back into a more usable form. Similar to how a solar pool heater uses valves to regulate heated water, inverters direct the flow of usable electricity. It is important to note that certain devices use DC electricity to charge their batteries while other devices primarily use AC electricity. Therefore, some devices do not require a charge inverter. 

Finally, the electricity is expelled out of the extended-life battery and poured into an electrical device. Although this process appears to be rather complicated, consumers need nothing more than clear sunlight and a few seconds to see the benefits of these devices. 

A good battery operates essentially like a rechargeable battery. It’s similar to the way a car battery stores power until you need it, because a solar charge controller only uses the energy you need. Anything leftover wattage gets stored in the battery bank, where it waits to be used again. This should be okay to help you understand how this unit works at best. 

Let’s turn to; When do you need this device? 

You guessed it right. Outdoors! Solar rechargeable devices are especially useful when going camping, hiking, going to the beach or simply just having a nice time outdoors—whether it has a name it’s called or not. If you’re a nature lover, then you’re most probably outside most of your days. When you’re on the go, you may not always have an electrical outlet, that’s a known reality. Carrying a separate portable solar battery charger can make a big difference altogether, beyond expectations. 

A peak power supply is ideal for charging any device. This means that the battery within the small solar device is at maximum capacity. This way, it can fully discharge into the device you wish to keep electrified. If you wish to extend batteries’ usable life, you should regularly discharge them completely. Doing this ensures that it can continue to store its rated amount of electricity over time. 

Take a look at some of the benefits of SolVolt 

The benefits of this solar battery charger(SolVolt) are all around you because the need to charge your gadgets—mobile phones, laptops and even car batteries is never far-fetched. You can do all of these anywhere with Solvolt. 

SolVolt is portable and you can easily carry it anywhere to charge the battery of your device. The main benefit of using this charger is that you do not require an external power source to charge your device. It is extremely handy for outdoor activities. You can carry it along with when you are going out with friends on a picnic or a party. Thus, you can remain connected with your friends and family members when you are out of home and do not have a power source to charge your devices by using this unique charger.  

There are also some subtler benefits. An example is the eco-friendliness. Once manufactured, SolVolt do not generate any emissions, waste, or byproducts. The SolVolt solar battery charger can also be a lifesaver in case of sudden battery discharge. It can help in prolonging the battery life of a stationary vehicle. And of course, it is eco-friendly, so it can help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

So, it can be worth the investment, after all. 

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Take a look at what you may consider a downside. 

The cons (Solvolt Solar Charger Reviews) 

Although solar chargers function very well, they do have some limitations. Firstly, the power of a solar battery charger cannot be compared to a regular battery charger. These chargers are not as powerful, so it takes more time to charge the batteries. 

Secondly, a solar charger gives out minimal current, so it is more useful for maintaining a charge rather than charging a completely dead battery. So, you must be careful if you are thinking of relying entirely on a solar battery charger. 

Using solar battery chargers in smaller devices is still more comfortable than using them in bigger ones. 

Hold on still! 

A device doesn’t have to be perfect but when the pros outweigh the cons, it is worth an investment. There are many advantages to solar chargers too. One of the best things about them may be that they are low-powered, so they work well as maintenance chargers. 

SolVolt is an efficient battery charger that harnesses the solar energy quickly, so you don’t have to worry even if there is not enough sun. What it means is that it’s low-powered, it doesn’t require the most scorching sun to function. Hence, it’s also useful in winters as well when you have comparatively less sun. 

Price and where to buy Solvolt Solar Charger 

So, let’s talk about pricing and where to buy. 

 Here is what the seller says: 

“The SolVolt only costs 79.95$. That’s already an incredible deal… 

But if you’re reading this now, then you’re really, really lucky… 

Because now the SolVolt is available for 39.95$. That’s 50% OFF! 

Imagine that. You can get off the grid as far as you want to, and never be without connectivity. For less cost than a tank of gas… 

We recommend taking advantage of the “Buy 4” special for the insane savings that Solvolt has for a limited time and if you purchase more than 1 you get an even bigger discount” 

You can order directly from the official product website and access all the available offers and discounts. It’s also cheaper and reliable. 

It also has free shipping, and it will reach your home between 10 to 18 days. The product is only shipped to the United States, though. So, you won’t be able to purchase directly from the official website if you’re based in another country. 

It also has a 60-day moneyback guarantee. However, you need to pay all shipping fees for returning it, and it won’t be accepted if the device is not working properly. For more information, customer service can be contacted via: 

Phone: (877) 210-7911 

Hours: M-F 9 am – 5 pm PST 

Email: [email protected] 

Address: Invative Inc. 10946 Ratner St #1759 Sun Valley CA 91352 

<Click here to get your own Solvolt solar charger directly from the official wesbsite now> 

Look what customers are saying: Customers’ reviews 

William R. – Dallas, TX 

“Purchased this unit in order to have a light weight way to recharge my cycling computer, cell phone, and bike lights while doing multi day bicycle rides. This product has performed flawlessly. Able to recharge two items at once and can be used several times before it needs a recharge. Solar panel works great and I would recommend this product to anyone, especially those involved in outdoor activities where 110 VAC isn’t available.” 

Candace B. – Sammamish, WA 

“This is my third solar charger. My husband and I love ours, and so did our granddaughter! Sooo, now we all have these really nice chargers and never have dead batteries on our phones. We spend a lot of time outdoors so these chargers are perfect! Small and lightweight, they tuck into any backpack or pocket. They work quickly so we never worry about dead cellphones, tablets, or readers! These are our go to chargers. Thanks for a great product!” 

Frequently Asked Questions (Solvolt Solar Charger Reviews) 

How does a solar charger work? 

A lot has been discussed on how a solar battery charger works. A solar charger converts solar energy into electricity through an electro-chemical process. The embedded solar panel gathers and stores energy to the solar charger’s internal battery. The stored energy can be then used to charge different 5V DC, USB-compatible devices, when necessary. How this works technically doesn’t seem like what a consumer will concern himself with, after all. All you need to do to get this device working is simply to put it out in the sun and allow it for as long as possible. 

How to know that my mobile devices are compatible with SolVolt solar charger? 

SolVolt portable solar chargers provide charging power to most USB compatible devices having a charging voltage of DC 5V. For example, mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS devices and digital cameras, laptops, torches…It has two USB ports, which means you can charge more than one device at once. 

How to acquire optimal charging performance? 

Optimal charging performance is achieved outdoors in direct sunlight when the solar panel is positioned towards the sun. Clouds, shades, and window glass reduce the charging performance notably. To get the most out of SolVolt, take advantage of direct sunlight to get it charged to its full capacity.Shape 

How long does it take to charge the mobile device with the solar charger? 

Mobile device’s charging time depends on the size of the devices own internal battery. The charging speed from the solar charger corresponds to a normal wall charger.  

Does the solar charger gather energy indoors? 

SolVolt solar chargers are designed to gather direct sunlight and thus recommended for outdoor use. Artificial lightning conditions will give only a marginal amount of energy.  

Can I leave the solar charger into direct sunlight for a long period of time? 

SolVolt recommends to keep the charger outdoor and in direct sunlight as much as possible. Thus, you will always have extra energy for use in the solar charger battery. 

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that air can move freely around the charger and the air temperature does not rise above 50C. Do not leave the charger on a car dashboard due to the risk of extreme temperature and permanent damage to the charger. 

Can I use my solar charger in the rain? 

SolVolt solar chargers are splash-proof and will tolerate humid environments but they are not meant to be left in the rain or exposed to underwater conditions. 

Conclusion (Solvolt Solar Charger Reviews) 

We already agreed that solar chargers can serve as convenient sources of power during power outages and camping trips. Now, this is why SolVolt portable Solar battery charger is often specifically targeted at people that enjoy camping and other outdoor activities. People that live in areas that are prone to power outages could particularly stand to benefit from SolVolt. Many modern people heavily rely on their cell phones, so having a means of charging a cell phone in almost any location can be a huge source of relief. 

The SolVolt battery charger is a great invention that can help us become more eco-friendly by harnessing solar energy. So, investing in it can be the right move towards reducing your carbon footprint and making the most out of the sun. 

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