TressAnew Review: Real Hair Growth Supplement or Negative Scam Complaints?


Hair is a vital part of appearance, and people need to take care of it. Use the best products to protect against damage, and if they aren’t working for whatever reason (they don’t work as well on color-treated or chemically straightened strands), then other things such as deep conditioning once per week moisturizing conditioners can be done. 

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Hair loss is a serious problem that affects both men and women. When this problem increases, it makes individuals lose their self-esteem. Alopecia or balding, in addition to thinning hair, decreases their confidence. However, there’s still hope for those suffering from these conditions as long as they take care properly with supplements like TressAnew. It is a unique formula created by Drs Pierre Fauchard & Jules Hurey and naturally helps attain healthy growth. The Reviews are In! 

What is TressAnew? 

TressAnew is a hair growth supplement that aims to cure DHT, and help users achieve beautiful locks. This product’s natural blend of herbs is made for people who want healthy-looking spikes with no damage done by Rogaine or other similar medications. 

Is there anyone looking to get the most out of their hair? TressAnew may be the product for them. This article will review some common hormones and how they can damage natural hair’s beauty. Before losing all hope, read about these three simple steps that helped restore many people’s hope and confidence. 


1. Fo-Ti: Fo-Ti is a substance found naturally in China and has been used for centuries to increase the volume of women’s hair. Fo-Ti is an effective deterrent against DHT, which can cause male pattern baldness. Thus, it may help combat female shedding. 

2. Saw Palmetto: Research has shown that saw palmetto is a natural remedy for preventing hair loss, especially in those who have an enzyme deficiency. DHT receptors attach to the follicles and prevent them from growing exponentially while blocking other hormones that cause symptoms such as acne or breast shrinkage. 

3. Horsetail: Horsetail is an ancient herb that has been used for centuries in Greco-Roman cultures to promote hair health. This one-of-a-kind plant contains high levels of antioxidants and silicon. These plants are powerful forces behind healthier looking locks because they protect against harmful UV rays. 

4. Magnesium: Magnesium is crucial for healthy hair growth, as it helps prevent the build-up of calcium inside the follicles that can cause them to become clogged. Magnesium also counters DHT’s effects on cells and muscle fibers by reducing its potency or strength in these areas. This will make the locks more manageable without sacrificing style. 

5. Biotin: Anyone wants their hair to appear smoother, shinier, and healthier than ever before? At long last, they can stop the DHT hormone from having unfavorable effects on follicles which causes thinning of the locks. TressAnew contains biotin as well as other potent nutrients so that they may be absorbed by the skin’s largest organ – the hair follicle. 

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The Hormone Responsible for loss of hair 

Has anyone ever wondered why their hair is going gray? The enzyme 5 alpha-reductase AKA “5AR” plays a big part in this, and it can be due to low levels of testosterone. Normally when the natural production of these hormones decreases, an individual’s body produces more DHT, which causes them to go bald.  

The Enemy of Scalp’s Hair Follicles is DHT 

DHT is more common in men, but it affects women too. The first attack from DHT will thin the hair and make the strands brittle. Then they become even finer than before. This means a touch can cause them to shed. However, the manufacturer knows that retaining youthfulness/good looks requires nutrients absorption through these same receptors by capturing what nature gives us, like vitamins A & E. These vitamins work wonders against signs such as dryness caused mainly due to hormonal imbalances. 

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How does someone test for DHT? 

DHT is a very common condition, but not everybody has it. To determine if anyone does or doesn’t need treatment for DHT-causing symptoms such as hair loss and acne breakouts in their skin, all that’s required are five minutes at home with just simple supplies from any pharmacy. To test for DHT, do the following: 

  • Extend right hand 
  • Display on it in the face front 
  • Compare the lengths of the ring and fore finger  

If the ring finger is shorter than the length of their forefinger, then this could be a sign of higher DHT levels. They should still consult with a doctor if severe hair loss occurs in these areas as well. 


TressAnew is a hair loss treatment that works for all types of hair and can be used at home. This medication costs $109 per bottle, but it’s worth the price as there are numerous positive reviews about how well these capsules work on the hairline or crown area when applied correctly each day for hair growth. 

But, one bottle of TressAnew is currently available for $49.95 and this is the right time to purchase! That means that a good percentage of people will purchase three or more bottles at once so they can complete its purpose in 3 months as it takes this long before all ingredients have been absorbed by the system and work together optimally. Users should never exceed six doses per month due to potency/side effects. 

Money-back guarantee 

The company offers a 90 days money-back guarantee. With the TressAnew supplement, people can get a full refund of their purchase in just 90 days. There’s no hassle or headache for trying out this product. They will have access to the guarantee and customer support team at any time if needed. 

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How safe is the TressAnew formula? 

The ingredients in TressAnew are very safe and carefully selected to ensure that they work for all types of hair. All-natural and backed by clinical studies, this product can be used as a preventative measure against damage caused by styling tools or the sun’s harmful rays. 

How will someone know TressAnew is working? 

It’s hard to see the signs of this formula working since hair takes time to grow. However, once ingested, most people can notice a change in their hair quality after 4-6 weeks as if it were normal. 

Can TressAnew be used by everyone? 

No. The formula is not designed for individuals who have conditions like alopecia, female pattern baldness and other factors that affect hair growth


TressAnew is a dietary supplement. Each bottle of the supplement contains 60 capsules. The bottle features Tressema’s logo boldly printed on it, and its contents consist of a reliable hair support formula to ensure the locks stay healthy. 


TressAnew is a carefully formulated combination of three powerful 5-AR inhibitors and many other scientifically proven nutrients that promote long and healthy hair growth. 

TressAnew is a company that provides hair essentials like vitamins and minerals to grow thick, strong, & healthy. The essential ingredient in Tressanew’s product line up are 5-AR inhibitors which prevent testosterone from being converted into DHT (a harmful byproduct). Every person who has taken the supplement for three months straight had only good things to say about it. 

TressAnew is a lifesaver! The best part about it? People don’t need to take any risks when using this product. They should simply consult with their doctor, who can advise if it’s safe for them to start taking the medication right away. And enjoy long-term relief from dandruff without having problems like dry skin or other side effects that come along with traditional treatments. 

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  • The TressAnew supplement helps to prevent hair fall and stimulate healthy growth 
  • It gives users a head full of thick, long strands that make the person feel attractive and confident 
  • The pills are safe and affordable but exclusive only available at best deals online store discounts directly from their website, so visit today while stocks last. 


The TressAnew supplement can only be purchased through the official website. People on medication must consult with a doctor before using this product. 


TressAnew is a revolutionary new product that has been gaining media attention for its benefits in helping women’s hair grow. The capsules are safely designed to give the scalp all the love it needs. It boosts self-esteem and makes users feel good about themselves. 

Made with natural ingredients, it can be used to combat hair fall as well as stimulate hair growth. With thousands upon positive reviews from satisfied customers who purchase risk-free purchases for 90 days or more, there’s no reason not to give this life-changing solution a try today – order now before supplies run out. 

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