Hair Transplant in Turkey – More Than Medical Methods


Hair transplantation is much more than a medical method. It can change lives and is cheaper in Turkey.

Hair Transplant in Turkey – Cost?

Hair transplantation is no longer standard in Europe. However, more and more patients in Turkey prefer hair transplantation. The mild, Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes, and carefree eastern lifestyle play only a minor role. First of all, the low prices of the transaction attract people to the popular resort area on the Bosphorus. A hair transplant Turkey costs about 70 percent less than clinics in Europe. Especially in Istanbul, hair transplantation is popular. Low prices attract thousands of European and American medical tourists to the metropolitan city of Istanbul every year.

Hair Transplant Experience in Istanbul

Hair loss patients who have previously been treated in a Turkish clinic are pleasantly surprised. Their expectations were not only met but exceeded. Medhair Clinic is one of the leading clinics in Turkey. The modern medical center with more than X years of experience in hair transplantation has proven itself as the leading clinic for hair transplantation worldwide.

Whether from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, or the Netherlands – patients from many countries can now see Dr. Vedat Tosun and Medhair Clinic team are enthusiastic about the high growth rate exceeding 99 percent.

State of the Art Methods Responsible for Good Results

The famous Turkish clinic also stands out with its medical innovations. Only modern methods of the highest quality standards are used. Dr. Vedat Tosun and Medhair Clinic teamwork with Sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique, an advanced anesthesia method. Contrary to the classical FUE technique, the patient’s consciousness remains completely open during the procedure. Eating, watching TV, talking, going to the toilet – all of these are okay with Sapphire FUE hair transplant. The surprising thing: The patient is awake but feels no pain. The entire FUE hair transplant is completely painless – a small medical revolution.

On the other hand, DHI hair transplantation is used. Because the extraction and implantation of hair follicles go hand in hand, the natural nutrient supply to the follicles always remains intact. Therefore, the growth rate is higher. In addition, there is a minimal risk of injury. The interfaces are so small that the risk of bleeding is limited. The patient can admire the final result more quickly than with other transplant techniques.

A Versatile Carefree Package for Patients

Thanks to the versatile carefree package, Medhair Clinic continues this medical development economically. All expenses for staying in Istanbul have already been calculated. These services include:

  • All transfer services between airport, hotel, and clinic for X nights in a four-star hotel close to the clinic
  • Free hair analysis and expert advice Vedat Tosun
  • painless and needle-free sedation (ideal for anxious patients)
  • professional care
  • high-quality care package for the home
  • Post-procedure laser therapy
  • 24/7 English, German, French-speaking support
  • Lifetime warranty on transplanted grafts
  • Hair transplantation with the supreme estimate of grafts

Hair Transplant Results: Before and After

Whether you have a receding hairline, light spots on the back of the head, semi-bald, or completely bald – more than X years later, hair transplant clinic Medhair will help you. Thanks to the highly advanced methods, it gets the most out of the process. In most cases, almost all of the grafts grafted will grow with the scalp. The final result is fuller, stronger, and more voluminous.

Patients are equally affected by the naturalness of their new hair. Graft and real hair are not that different from each other. This is made possible by precise cutting along the natural hairline.

Of course, that’s not the deceptively realistic look. The before and after photos of the competition prove there is another way. It is not uncommon for transplants to move like foreign bodies in the head. Transfer can be seen.

Test Winner Among Hair Clinics

Medhair Clinic took its place among the winners of the hair transplant test in the competitions between hair transplant clinics. Medhair Clinic is at the top in the categories of personal experience, qualifications, availability, and services.

In addition, Medhair Clinic continues to compete in many categories due to its outstanding medical achievements, innovative spirit, and outstanding customer service. It deserves to be counted among the best hair surgeons in the world.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Despite Corona

Corona has taken the whole world under control. But Medhair Clinic knows how to protect its patients and staff from the new virus. Before the hair transplantation, you should finish a Covid-19 test either on the day of arrival or just before the preliminary examination. The patient then receives a written document as proof of the test at the clinic. It should be available at any time. It is even more important to carefully store the document.

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