4 Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


As 2021 winds down and people look back at the top stories of the year, climate change is something that has dominated the headlines around the world time and time again. This is a trend that has been growing in the past few years with more attention being paid to the state of the environment, the impact that humans have, and what the future holds. At times it can feel like the problem has gotten too big and too out of control, but if everyone starts doing their part to help it can have a transformational effect. 

Here are four tips that you can start using today that will allow you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Reduce Your Amount of Waste 

One of the most consequential changes you can make in your life is to immediately reduce the amount of waste you generate. It is shocking how much garbage there is sitting in landfills, with so much of it taking hundreds if not thousands of years to break down. 

To reduce the waste, you’ll need to be mindful of products and materials that can be recycled or used for compost, products that use smaller and less packaging, not over-buying items, and looking for ways to repurpose things around the house. 

Make the Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances 

This is also a great time to make the switch to all energy efficient small and large appliances and electronics. Today, you’ll find a wide array of energy-efficient items with some offering better savings than others. You also want to get into the habit of turning things off when not in use rather than putting them in rest or sleep mode. 

Examine Your Food and Eating Habits 

Your food buying and eating habits will also have an impact on just how eco-friendly you are. Experts recommend you only buy what you need and will eat so you don’t create waste and that you cut back on the amount of meat you’re eating. 

Choose Eco-Friendly Sports 

If you are the type of person who enjoys being active and playing sports, why not pick one that has eco-friendly elements to it. Golf is a great example, as there are many ways this sport is moving towards being a more environmentally friendly option. 

Some of the measures the sport is taking include: 

  • Designing eco-friendly golf courses 
  • Use drought-resistant plants/vegetation 
  • Finding ways to cut back on water usage 
  • Trying not to disturb the local wildlife and displacing them when a course is built 
  • Using organic pesticides and fertilizers 

You may wish to seek out the courses that are going the extra mile and making a conscious effort to limit the harm they cause to the environment. 

There are also effective measures you can use in your own life to ensure when you’re playing golf, you’re being mindful of the environment. For example, buy a battery-operated golf cart that you can maintain and use for many years to come – without having to rent one at the course or update your model regularly. Often, you can do your repairs and upgrades, which will extend the lifespan further. There are plenty of parts for Yamaha golf cart owners, as well as others, so there’s no reason that you can’t get up to 10 years out of the cart with a bit of maintenance.  

Golf is just one of many sports and activities taking an eco-minded approach as of late, there are plenty of others that you can also check out such as biking, hiking, surfing, running, swimming, and rock climbing. 

Doing Your Part for the Environment 

Each of these tips makes it possible for you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and do your part for the environment. 

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