Operation Eagle Scout: Beautifying Fire Station 107

Eagle Scout Justin Shakoori stands next to the wall and plaque that was installed at Los Angeles County Fire Station 107 in Canyon Country as part of Shakoori's Eagle Scout project. Dan Watson/The Signal

Two years ago, Justin Shakoori of Canyon Country decided his Eagle Scout project would be a way to give back to local heroes.   

He and his father, Sassan, with some help from friends and firefighters from Fire Station 107, gave the station a facelift by completing a landscape project.  

Although they completed the project, it was still missing something – a plaque. But just a few days ago, the crown jewel – the red, black and white plaque with the words “LA CO FD,” “Station 107,” “Engine 107,” “The Dog House,” “Brotherhood & Bravery” written on it – was placed for all to see.  

“This was two years in the making,” Shakoori said. “It took a while because we tried to find the right guys for the job, scheduling and more to get it done. It (the plaque) looks beautiful. I’m happy for Fire Capt. John Rossi and all the guys over here because it’s complete.”  

Shakoori, along with members of his Boy Scout Troop No. 48 and firefighters, came up with a plan to construct a wall and display their station number and logo for everyone to see. They also planted desert plants where there wasn’t anything there to begin with.   

“I wanted to make it more welcoming and do something that would take the minds of the guys over here,” Shakoori said. “(Firefighters) have stressful jobs.”  

Shakoori knew he wanted to make his Eagle Scout project to recognize the work of first responders. He thought about doing something for firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, or emergency medical responders.   

Los Angeles County Fire Captain John Rossi, left, examines the Eagle Scout badge on that was earned by Justin Shakoori for installing a plaque and a wall and landscaping at Fire Station 107 in Canyon Country. Dan Watson/The Signal

Ultimately, he decided to help Fire Station 107.   

“They’ve done a lot for us. They’re always going to all these calls for service. I wanted to give back to them,” Shakoori said. “I wanted to let them know we appreciate them.”  

Rossi said Shakoori and his dad, Sasson, knocked on their door and presented the Eagle Scout project. After listening to Shakoori, Rossi automatically said, “absolutely.”  

“I was a Boy Scout, but I think I got up to second class,” Rossi said. “I never (ranked) as high as Shakoori. We wanted to support him.”  

Rossi remembered Shakoori coming in with a lot of energy and excitement. Fire Station 107 crew were ready to support Shakoori and his Eagle Scout project.   

“There’s a lot of pride here. This station is one of the oldest stations in the valley. It was built in 1961,” Rossi said. “There’s been a lot of legendary firefighters that have come through here and worked throughout the years.”  

In October, Fire Station 107 celebrated its 60th anniversary.  

“A lot of the guys that worked here came back. We had a barbecue and it was cool to see all the old legends that worked here (at the station),” Rossi said.   

Current and retired firefighters loved Shakoori’s project, Rossi added. But now that the plaque arrived, the project feels complete.  

“It took a lot of time, designs, and approvals before the plaque was ready for commission,” Rossi said. “When we finally got the plaque installed, it was great. It’s been well worth it, especially at night when the lights shine on it. It looks good.”  

Shakoori said he couldn’t have completed his Eagle Scout project without the support of his father, his grandma, Mary, who’s been like a mother to him, the Fire Station 107 crew, and his troop.   

“I’m very proud of him. He has achieved a lot in his 19 years,” said Sassan, a general contractor, and deputy on reserve, who played an important part in Shakoori’s Eagle Scout project.  

“I’m blessed to have everyone in my life,” Shakoori said, referring to the group of people who helped him complete the project. “We were able to get things done to help out Fire Station 107.” 

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