Family-friendly activities to try in Ladakh


When you try to visualize “Ladakh,” all you think of is a destination with mesmerizing landscapes, bumpy roads, dramatic hillocks, fluttering flags, etc. So, Ladakh, being situated on a high plateau in Northern India, is considered the biggest adventurous destination for families with teen children.  

Although Ladakh remains non-accessible throughout the year, the summertime Ladakh is pleasant. Moreover, it brings a wide array of opportunities for families and kids, adventure-seekers, and summer holidaymakers.  

Are you one of those family men who love indulging in adventure activities and thrill? Everyone enjoys snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, a flowing river, and various adventurous activities in Ladakh. So, you must try the following ones for a lifetime experience!  

  1. Camel safari on two-humped camels 

Camel safari is the best way to trek down the rugged roads of Ladakh. So, what would be more amazing than Bactrian Camels providing you with a thrilling long ride on their backs while enjoying the conspicuous sceneries?  

Undoubtedly, Ladakh is well-known for yak rides, which can take your excitement level one step up. Now, you must be intrigued by the Ladakh tour with your family. So, book your Ladakh tour packages now with trusted tour operators, in order to get the most out of your trip.  

  1. Experience the trance at Magnetic Hill 

Do you want to witness the charm of Magnetic Hill? Then, it’s the most arousing activity in Ladakh with families. This mystical hill is situated 30 km away from Leh city, and it has been said that the road has miraculous anti-gravitational magnetic capabilities.  

Every year, various tourists witness this occult hill and record its supernatural phenomenon. However, it’s suspicious whether this hill possesses magnetic abilities or if it’s nothing but an optical illusion! Therefore, those anticipating to observe this exceptional phenomenon must visit Ladakh. 

  1. Enjoy skiing on the snow-clad mountains 

The steep slopes of the Himalayas and snow-clad mountains in Ladakh give you the best scope to unbolt your skiing proficiencies. Snow-skiing is the best-in-class family-friendly activity to try in Ladakh. Besides regular skiing, if you prefer heli-skiing, try this out in Zanskar. It’s said to be the most popular activity for every traveler.      

  1. River rafting in the most adventurous river 

You will see the outstanding beauty of nature while rafting in Ladakh. The most renowned trail was Phey to Nimmo, which is beyond doubt an astounding experience and the most adventurous thing to do in Ladakh.  

Here, the difficulty level of rafting varies at various points, and you can select your rides, therefore. Are you and your family adrenaline junkies who prefer to try such an adventure? Then, river rafting will be a magical retreat for you guys! Here, you can experience mind-soothing thrill rafting and enjoy the remarkable vistas.  

  1. Gaze the sky during night camping 

Are you traveling to Ladakh as a couple? Then, night camping will be the best adventurous thing to do as it can give you an impeccable experience. The most popular camping sites in Ladakh are the side-lines of Tso Moriri, Pangong Lake, and Nubra Valley.  

The noticeable beauty of the night sky can’t be elaborated through words. The sky is spread with innumerable stars, and if you’re lucky enough, you could see the belt of the Milky Way. Are you one of those newly-married couples looking forward to a magical night adventure? Then, it could be a million-dollar worth experience for you! 

  1. Go for a trek to Spituk Monastery 

Once you’ve lived the days of camping in the Hundur Desert in the Nubra Valley, you must be enthralled by thinking of a small trek to Spituk Monastery with your family. So, you need to drive back to Leh town and get yourself ready for this most enjoyable trek.  

Although you can hire a local cab or take a straight ride to this sacred monastery, trekking has its excitement and pleasure. Spituk Monastery was established during the 11th century. Upon completing the trek, trekkers get rewarded with a marvelous view of the adjacent Leh town and some snow-covered and lofty Himalayan peaks.  

  1. Jeep safari at Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary  

Jeep safari is one of the most special family-friendly activities, where you can share a natural undivided bond with the Ladakh’s terrains. With a jeep safari, you can wander around every edge of the mountainous paradise. Therefore, you couldn’t miss the breathtaking jeep safaris in Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary while rummaging for some of the most thrilling things to do in Ladakh.  

This sanctuary is an abode to dark-necked cranes, leopards, Tibetan wild ass, and other wildlife species. Your kiddo will enjoy this wildlife ride!  

  1. Go biking in the Himalayas 

Ladakh is known as heaven on earth. So, while being here, you must not forget to go cycling amid the whirling trials, towering peaks, bumpy terrains, snow-clad mountains, and many more. Let it be the hidden villages like Dhanu and Ha, Leh town, picturesque valleys like Rupshu or Nubra Plateaus, every family love biking around every edge of Ladakh.  

But, apart from this, while on a cycling expedition, you need to visit the remote locations, which you are unable to discover with a regular jeep safari.  

  1. Attend Mask festival in Hemis Monastery 

Ladakh doesn’t need any introduction, and the Hemis Monastery too. If you arrive in this region during the Lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, mainly on the 10th day of Tsechu, you can see the pompous Hemis festival.  

Thousands of tourists and locals attend this festival for an unforgettable experience. Here, the “Mask Dance” or “Chham Dance” is the biggest attraction of this glorious festival. The local monks render everything, and this dance form includes using head gears, conventional masks, gowns, and having various fiesta moments.   


Ladakh is a top-notch choice for every travel enthusiast as it offers various opportunities to discover the exemplary culture of the Ladakh locals. Also, families and solo travelers find the serenity among this splendid raw beauty of its cold desert regions. These are the top 9 friendly activities to try out with your families. So, what are you waiting for? Live your life blithely!

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