12 Reasons To Learn And Practice Emotional Intelligence As A Content Creator


Emotional intelligence refers to being aware of your state, in control of your emotions and how they affect your work, relationships and social life.

In her article, Sarah Moore explains why content creation is so hard. And one of the things that comes out clearly is that you need to constantly think and research new ideas, so you can stand out and impress your audience. But that is not all, you need to understand your audience and know how to communicate with them. You need to be aware not to hurt their emotions with inappropriate comments or statements. In this article, we discuss the reasons why you need to master emotional intelligence as a creator. 

If you have a higher level of self-awareness as a content creator, you will be able to build your emotional intelligence and deal with stress better, you’ll also be able to understand your audience and other people. With that in mind, let’s go over 12 reasons to learn and practice emotional intelligence as a creator.

12 Reasons To Learn And Practice Emotional Intelligence For Content Creators:

1. You’ll be able to track your emotions

Remembering your emotions and what causes them can be difficult, but learning about emotional intelligence will help you keep a diary of all your emotions, so you can read them back and observe the patterns. You can find out which emotions make you happier and the ones that bring you down and the circumstances that trigger them.

You’ll be able to describe the emotions you feel, how they affect your mood and content creation process for platforms like Talkytimes. Keeping track of your emotions will also allow you to build a better productivity system and boost self-confidence. Once you have learned how to track your emotions, your private life and that of people around you will also improve.

2. You’ll become more self-aware

When you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and how you react to issues like negative comments as a content creator, you will be able to set boundaries and manage your interactions with everyone. Also, when you know yourself, you’ll become a more effective communicator and will engage better with your audience. You’ll also be able to understand other people and what they are looking for in a conversation. Being self-aware can help you improve yourself and life in ways that are truly meaningful to you.

As already mentioned, you can keep a record of your emotions in a diary if you want to be self-aware. You can set an alarm that goes off once a week so you can go through what you have written about your emotions. Remembering what you feel and how to deal with emotions in any situation will make you a stronger and more stable person for your followers on Talkytimes.

3. You will gain greater self control

If you are emotionally intelligent, you will know how to take care of difficult situations. Whether you are dealing with your content creation team or your audience, there are bound to be issues in your work that may not be easy to deal with. In such a situation, it is important to keep calm and prevent an emotional outburst. Most emotionally intelligent people understand how to act rationally. They know that acting otherwise will cause situations to escalate. They can practice restraint and show their emotions in a controlled way, only when there is a need and right time for it.

4. Your content creation game will step up

Most content creators have yet to see the importance of getting people with emotional intelligence to work with. Because of this, there are people in their teams that feel undervalued. Getting emotionally intelligent talent can help your content stand out before your audience and competitors. There could be many people doing the same thing as you, but because they don’t practice emotional intelligence, you will be able to overcome their efforts. You can also incorporate emotional intelligence training in your company to keep your employees motivated.

5. Ready to change 

As a content creator, one thing you always be ready for is change. But as you make changes in your content according to the current events, remember that not all your audience will be comfortable with it. However, if you know how to explain and persuade people, you’ll be able to guide your followers through any changes with ease. You will also create a supportive community, which will encourage and motivate each other even without the help of a leader.

6. You’ll know which buttons to press 

Learning and practising emotional intelligence will help to pinpoint the things that trigger your reactions. If you already know your triggers, you will be able to provide yourself with more time to collect yourself. For instance you may feel angry, because one of your followers likes to create arguments during your streams on Talkytimes. This may happen because you are someone who is extremely polite and cannot stand explosive discussions. If you understand exactly why your follower is always trying to create arguments, you will be able to address the issue better, rather than getting angry. Instead of getting upset and lashing out, you may end up accepting the situation that it is not a big deal or find out another solution.

7. Great community and teamwork

Naturally, people with higher emotional intelligence can work better in any team. If you are one of such people, you can communicate better with your audience and other people. You’ll be more open to sharing your ideas and paying attention to other people’s ideas as well. Being emotionally intelligent will help you not to be too controlling because you have them in your thoughts.

If you have some emotionally intelligent people within your content creation team, you will notice that they value other members of the team’s ideas and also trust in their ideas. They will also be considerate, respectful and thoughtful.

A content creation working environment that comprises emotionally intelligent people helps minimize stress and bring motivation in the workplace. If you own a content creation company with such people, your culture will be stronger, because the office is full of people who get along and respect each other. Furthermore, the office environment will be a place where people love what they do and enjoy each other’s company.

8. Improve communication and accept constructive criticism

No one likes to be talked to negatively, people may get defensive or react with negative emotions and reactions. This cannot help to improve the performance of the content creation team. It also creates a hostile working environment and your audience may notice this if it also affects the quality of contents that you create.It is important to work with people who can accept criticism and improve based on the input they get.

If you can apply emotional intelligence, you and your team members will learn to avoid speaking and acting defensively. Instead, you will be better at controlling any negative emotions they may feel in the meantime.

Here is the thing,when you can’t manage your emotions, you may end up showing your feelings. That is however, not the best way to communicate with people or your audience as a content creator. If you are emotionally intelligent, you will learn to take responsibility for your feelings, recognize other people’s feelings and communicate what you need rather than how you feel.

For example, if someone within your content creation team has fixed an issue with your stream on a platform like Talkytimes, and they feel like other people are taking credit for what they have done, of course they will feel frustrated. Someone with low emotional intelligence will get aggressive and even send angry emails, something that will cause further negative fallout.

On the other hand, someone who is emotionally intelligent would recognize their feelings and frustration, they will acknowledge how they feel and plan how to pass information to their teammates. They will know how to express their problem and how they want it resolved.

9. Dealing with mental health risks and increase sense of accountability

As a content creator team leader, mental health is something you must address at the workplace. Emotional intelligence is not just a skill for workers only. It should be mandatory for every one including management. Learning and practicing emotional intelligence will help with recognition and minimization of negative emotions. It is also easy to offer help and support to employees before they experience mental break down.

In any work environment including content creation, mistakes are always bound to happen. Unfortunately, when you fail  to push for the development of emotional intelligence, the effects may include: 

  • Being defensive
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of empathy
  • Blame games
  • Not seeing issues from different perspectives.

In the end, team members  with bad emotional intelligence may spend a lot of time fighting over an issue or passing blame instead of resolving the issue. Alternatively, if team members in your content creation team have high emotional intelligence, they will better place to control them. They will respond well and focus on solving the problems as they arise.

10. Improve service delivery

As a content creator, your service is to your audience and ensuring they get the quality content they need and ideas that can help them solve problems. It is hard to deal with an unreasonable audience, the situation may get worse if you get easily emotional. You don’t want to become frustrated when your clients or audience gets defensive and annoying. The sad truth is, that is what happens when you have inadequate emotional intelligence and are faced with a rude customer.

But if you have learned and practice emotional intelligence, you will know how to:

  • Develop intelligence over emotions
  • Express empathy to your audience
  • Recognize your audience emotions
  • Work towards resolution
  • Be more control of your negative emotions

It is possible for you to apply emotional intelligence to learn and take negative interactions and move to a positive direction.

11. You’ll know your limit

You cannot use emotional intelligence to completely eliminate your negative emotions. It is just a tool that will help you to deal with them. You and your team will recognize your feelings and emotional limits. This will help with planning activities and interactions accordingly. For instance, if you realize that you are irritating to your audience, you may plan or reschedule the show until you feel emotionally okay.

12. Enhance better leadership

When you practise emotional intelligence, you’ll be able to understand your audience and team members’ emotions. You’ll also be able to give intelligent conclusions. You can motivate your team and also discourage them from things that may cause them emotional breakdown.

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