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Diablo IV Next Class  

Rumors are circulating that the next Diablo 4 class will arrive when the upcoming DLC is released. Players are wondering what are the potential jobs coming to Sanctuary. 

Diablo IV offers many things to enjoy, from thrilling dungeon exploration to open-world PvP. However, players must first discover the class most appropriate for their playstyle to have fun in Sanctuary. The type of Diablo IV items and gear will also depend on what job you will take. With only five available fields, many players wonder what the next class will be and when it will be released.   

Rumors of a New Class in Diablo IV  

Blizzard has confirmed the development of Diablo 4 DLC, but specific details remain unknown. The DLC will likely continue the story beyond the main game’s ending, involving the return of the Prime Evils. However, including new character classes in the Diablo 4 DLC has yet to be officially confirmed.  

Diablo DLCs usually introduces at least two new classes, and considering Diablo 4’s expansive scope, there’s optimism for fresh additions. Surprisingly, Diablo 4 has thus far relied on returning classes, omitting entirely new ones like its predecessors, Diablo 2, 3, and even Diablo Immortal.  

While the official announcement is pending, speculation arises regarding potential new classes. Based on evidence and reasoning, several contenders might appear, while some existing options may be ruled out. Let’s explore the possibilities:  

All the Potential Upcoming Diablo IV Classes in the Game  

Diablo DLCs introduces at least two new classes, and with Diablo 4’s vast potential, this expectation remains high. However, the identity of these potential classes remains a subject of speculation. While no official confirmation has been given yet, some clues allowed us to explore the possibilities and rule out certain contenders. While the list is extensive, there are potential classes that are more likely to appear than others.   

Most Likely  

There are certain classes that are most likely to appear in future DLCs of Diablo 4. The main reason is that these characters still provide a unique style of gameplay that has yet to exist in the game. Here are the classes that are more likely to appear in Diablo 4:  

The Blood Knight  

In Diablo Immortal, the Blood Knight, a vampiric class, was introduced as the first new Diablo class since the Crusader in Diablo 3. Players may wonder if this unique class will also reach Diablo IV. Its blood-sucking abilities and demon-slaying potential could offer a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. While it would be a returning class, the Blood Knight’s inclusion could bring a new dimension to Diablo 4, considering it has yet to be featured in previous games like Diablo 1, 2, and 3.  

The Paladin  

The Paladin, known for their melee-oriented combat, auras, and holy magic, could be a suitable addition to Diablo 4, especially considering the Inarius religion that emerged in Diablo 3. While the Crusader somewhat replaced the class in Diablo 3 and Immortal, the time might be suitable to revisit the Paladin order. Their defensive and offensive abilities could be valuable to players looking for a righteous and zealous character to play.  

The Monk  

Monks, known for their disciplined fighting style, agile offense, and impressive defensive skills, have been famous in Diablo 3 and Immortal. Diablo 4 doesn’t have a contemporary class like the Monk so they could be an excellent candidate for DLC. Their versatility in hand-to-hand combat makes them well-suited for various playstyles, making them a welcome addition to the roster.  

The Witch Doctor  

Channeling the powers of Voodoo to summon spirits and undead creatures, the Witch Doctor replaced the Necromancer in Diablo 3. While the Necromancer returns in Diablo 4, whether there’s room for the Witch Doctor remains. Despite being less popular than the Necromancer, the Witch Doctor’s unique abilities could still find a niche in the game.  

Less Likely  

These classes are less likely to appear due to having a similar playstyle to Sanctuary’s current jobs. However, there is still a chance for them to appear since devs can tweak their kits to be more unique. Here are the less likely classes to make a comeback in the game:  

The Bard  

Introduced unofficially in the Hellfire Expansion of Diablo 1, the Bard’s canonical status could be better. While the Barbarian from Hellfire made its way into Diablo 2 and subsequent games, the Bard’s future is uncertain due to its unofficial nature and similarities to existing classes like the Rogue.  

The Demon Hunter  

Known for their dual-wielding crossbows, explosives, traps, and shadow magic, the Demon Hunter combined elements of the Assassin and Amazon classes. Famous in Diablo 3 and Immortal, the Demon Hunter might compete with the Rogue class in Diablo 4. However, their unique skills and abilities could make a compelling case for their return.  

Current Classes in Diablo IV  

Since there is no announcement for the upcoming job or DLC, gamers must wait further to get specific details. In the meantime, players are restricted to the currently available classes to farm Diablo IV gold. Here are all the characters that you can use for the time being:  

  • Barbarian – A powerful melee class is known for dealing significant damage with solid attacks. Their tankiness makes them suitable for close combat engagements.  
  • Druid – A versatile class with the ability to shapeshift into different animal forms, each offering unique abilities. They can excel as melee fighters in bear form, ranged attackers in wolf form, or supportive characters in Moonkin form.  
  • Necromancer – The master of the undead, capable of summoning skeletons, raising zombies, and casting potent curses. Perfect for players who enjoy controlling the battlefield with an army of minions.  
  • Rogue – A ranged class dealing damage from a distance using bows, daggers, and other weapons. Their agility and mobility make them adept at avoiding threats.  
  • Sorcerer – A ranged class wielding powerful elemental spells, dealing devastating damage. They are adaptable in various combat situations with a wide range of attacks.  

These existing classes are exciting to play because you can try many buildings to keep the experience fresh. Players can try out different sets of abilities and equipment and even tweak their Paragon Boards.   

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