AI Paraphrasing Tool – How to Make Your Text Undetectable


Quality is the main precursor that instructors in schools and colleges look for in assignments. If they have been assigned a task of 500 words, they might let go of ten percent of the word count if the prose is outstanding. Of course, therein lies that problem that many students face – quality, at all levels. If they somehow nail it in terms of scope and deadline, they have plagiarism in the content. These days, AI-generated text is everywhere and teachers are using detectors to find essays and papers done by such tools. Well, we say no more!

Let us go through the whole spectrum of paraphrasing, writing, and detection before showing you some cool tips to steer clear of detection tools.

Writing & Paraphrasing

When we are dealing with academics, it is hard to distinguish between writing and paraphrasing . As a writer, you have to rely on essays, journals, papers, books, and other materials from writers to build up your thesis and ultimately the essay. Yet, there is a fine line between stealing outright and borrowing it wisely. In our research, we have shown students that it is best to get the right tool for the job.

Popularity of AI Paraphrasing Tools

With the use of AI in different fields, writing, or rewriting to be precise, was not left out from the revolution. Today, you can use tools based on sophisticated algorithms and support structures to write an essay from scratch. For rewriting or repurposing of the content, they are more than capable. You can even change the tone, voice, and style of the text based on your requirements. This essay rewriter  can make things easier for you by offering built-in APA formatting tools  for free!

Rise of Detection Tools

With the same enthusiasm and pace the AI tools were developed to help students with writing or rewriting essays and papers, their counterparts to detect the use of AI came to the scene. They use the same algorithms to pick the subtle things that make the writing of a machine different from a human. Still, you can trick a detection tool with the synergy of both machine and human intelligence.

Want to Make Your Text Undetectable?

Since students and writers are facing issues regarding the detection of their assignments by AI tools, it is time to turn the tide in their favor. Keep in mind that there are no set methods to achieve this feat but you have to rely on hit and trial to see what works and what does not. Here are some of the practices that cannot only eliminate the chance of detection but also improve the overall quality of your work.


AI could be great at writing the major elements of an essay or a paper but they do not have ample capabilities to write stories or add a hint of narrative in an essay. You can do that by asking the tool in the command or do it yourself. This will allow you to bypass the detection system of the tools on the other side of the fence.

Rephrasing Sentences

Another method to evade the detection of your content is by altering the sentence structure. In some studies, experts have found that AI tools use a predictable sentence structure that leads to its flagging by the detection tools. By rephrasing sentences while retaining the meanings, the issue can be resolved.

Omitting Repetitions

One of the telltale signs of AI content is the repetition of words or phrases across the text. That’s why you need to review the text from start to finish and point out the instances. Once you are done, it is time to strategically omit them and ensure that they are strengthening the content.

Using Contractions

Good writers use contractions in their writing to make it more appealing. This is because it shows the signs of conversational talk rather than machine-generated words. You can do that and it will improve your odds of getting cleared from the detection menace.

Adding Transitional Phrases

Giving a personal touch to your writing is a surefire way to trick the detection software and get a desirable result. The easiest way to do that is by adding anecdotes that only you have experienced. With something as original as that, you will be cleared from tricky waters.


That’s it for how you can make your text undetectable with AI-checking tools. By using human and artificial intelligence, you can write solid essays and take your academic career to the next level. Our recommendations can help you achieve this without any hassle at all!

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