Seniors and COVID-19

We’ve spent our lives worrying about “macro” disasters — airline crashes, financial dumps, terrorists, even plummeting space junk. Then a novel microorganism comes along and throws us a whole new

Gettin’ Up There: Change my diaper to Motown

Only five-years old, and merrily cocooned within the living room of our post-WWII North Hollywood tract home, I repeatedly played two of my parents’ 45s on the record player — catchy tunes that made me smile and spin: Rosemary Clooney’s “Botch-A-Me” and The Ames Brothers’ “The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane.”

Gettin’ Up There: Did you hear the one about the aging ear?

The American Academy of Audiology reports that age-related hearing loss (AKA “presbycusis”) affects one-third of adults over 60, and usually presents as high-pitched hearing deficits often noticed by subtle hearing changes.

Gettin’ Up There: FYI, ladies: senior-shared living may be for you

A dear, departed friend – a licensed psychotherapist who was as much a humorist as she was a wise scholar – used to say that the only real “fair” was found in Pomona. Judy Harris often spoke this line when counseling seniors who felt their lives hadn’t panned out so well.