Gary Horton: We are Alexander Hamilton

Carrie and I experienced the play, “Hamilton” this past weekend. Hamilton is simply the best live production I’ve experienced. Now, I’m no theatre critic; I’m

Gary Horton: A great taste of COC

Back when Carrie and I first arrived in our fair town, College of the Canyons was little more than a few concrete buildings in the

Gary Horton: Don’t just ‘Let It Be’

“It’s always something.” Overwhelmed folks will say that, shrugging their shoulders. As if to acknowledge that stuff happens and there’s nothing we can do with

Gary Horton: I love you, California

“I Love You, California” – Francis Beatty Silverwood I love you, California, you’re the greatest state of all. I love you in the winter, summer,

Gary Horton: Ever need a hospital?

It’s a long ways from Palmdale to Bakersfield and down to Mission Hills. And there’s about 375,000 people in-between, alternately hacking, sneezing, suffering flu, crashing

Gary Horton: Imagine being home again

Envision you and your family somehow having succumbed to homelessness. Imagine living in your car or in an old trailer in a back street, or