Martha Michael | Lessons from a Global ‘Family’

While some of us would describe Patty Stephenson using words like “dedicated” and “self-sacrificing,” there are other people in her life who would use words like “tres approfondie” or “wusi

An Arcane escape in Newhall

There are plenty of mysteries where answers are either unattainable or arcane, such as: What’s in your DNA? What’s at the bottom of the ocean? Is there anything to do

Martha Michael | Real Election Wave Was Pink

While political junkies argued about the size and color of Tuesday’s wave at the polls, the indisputable Election Night tsunami that washed ashore was a very bright pink. With more

Martha Michael | No Time Like Now to Vote!

Attention suburban women: It’s time to vote. If there’s anything I support, it’s women of all walks of life working together. Last week I attended the League of Women Voters

Martha Michael | New Mental Health Technology

Psychotherapy is one of the few careers where you find far more females than males. Approximately 80 percent of marriage and family therapists are women. They are core mental health

Grandparents Day: Narrowing the Gap

When we talk about various generations – Baby Boomers, Gen X or Y, the Greatest Generation, Millennials – we tend to accentuate the challenges stemming from the differences between them.

Martha Michael | A Message from Mollie

I’ve been running since I was 15 (not continuously, of course). I mean that it’s been my exercise of choice for many years, running outdoors, usually alone. And this week

Etta Martin: Support for seniors

We all know those idioms about finding the good in difficult circumstances – phrases like “making lemons into lemonade” and “finding a cloud’s silver lining.” Oftentimes, we dismiss such platitudes,

National Senior Citizens Day Aug. 21

Santa Clarita may have bragging rights for building and maintaining a senior-friendly climate, but on August 21 the entire country can participate in celebrating older adults on “National Senior Citizens

1 Million Cups

If you walk through the doorway of Steamwork Center in Valencia on a Wednesday morning, you’ll be greeted by a passel of visionaries, some with robust business experience and others

What is a senior?

If you’re younger than 60, you may not have thought about it before: The differences between a 10-year-old and a 30-year-old are obvious, but what about the same age gap