Martha Michael | Gurney: Sum of Her Experience

Many of us assume that the formula for raising kids who succeed includes removing as many obstacles as possible from their paths. But when you run that calculation against the

Martha Michael | Just Challenging the Status Quo

While attending the wedding and baby showers of millennials over the last year, I’ve noticed how these time-honored occasions have changed. They didn’t involve a band of cross-legged women in

Martha Michael | Choosing Kinship Over Skinship

When asked about my biggest fear, the answer I typically respond with is “imprisonment.” Or worse – “false imprisonment.” It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever have to face that fear,

Martha Michael | PAWS Proves Local Lives Matter

You matter. Now, matter to yourself. April Rego could’ve given a commencement speech with that line. But the truth is, Golden Valley High School students already got this message from

Martha Michael | Tutor Dissolves Chemistry Fears

You may remember taking a science class, but despite above-average instruction, the material didn’t seem to crystallize in your head, so you’d repeatedly leave class more confused than when you

Martha Michael | Valuable Lessons About Gen Z

By attending Patty Robinson’s latest civic engagement workshop at COC last week, I learned a lot about academic research on Generation Z. I also learned I was born in the

Martha Michael | Superhero Moms in the SCV

Captain Marvel got in the middle of an intergalactic battle once again, scoring some points for women with courage. The female superhero this time is our own Brie Larson, originally

Martha Michael | Time for Women to Spring Forward

I grew up with the adage, “You can’t steer a parked car.” It’s a useful metaphor when you feel emotionally stuck and find yourself personally paralyzed instead of making decisions