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Steve Lunetta | The Siren Song of Rent Control

In ancient mythology, Odysseus had to navigate his boat around a group of sharp rocks but beautiful women stood on the shoreline behind the rocks singing songs that promised love

Steve Lunetta | The Light of Day at Master’s U

It’s about time the Santa Clarita Valley started paying attention to this. Our own beloved Master’s University is under attack and not from the outside. It’s a rot the emanates

Steve Lunetta | Walk of Shame: ‘Les Is More’

I saw this headline on the internet and couldn’t resist. Another outgoing Hollywood executive accused of sexual harassment, Les Moonves of CBS, is taking the walk of shame. After a

Steve Lunetta | Do We Create Weak Leaders?

Over the years, many historians have written about the Romans and the ups-and-downs experienced by the Empire due to its leadership. There were some really crazy emperors like Nero who

Danger, Will Robinson!

In 1965, television’s Robinson family blasted into space with Major West, the evil Dr. Smith, and the greatest robot ever invented. The Robot, with a clothes-dryer drum body and two

Chopping down a tree with Earl

Uncle Earl was over at the house last week helping me cut down a pine tree. We discovered that the chain saw was too dull so we had to take

Steve Lunetta: A Nobel Prize?

In the wake of President Trump’s stunning and historic meeting with North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un, liberals and left-leaning media types are stumbling. How can they make sense of

Steve Lunetta: Crunching the homeless numbers

Last Friday, Los Angeles County released the results of its annual Homelessness Survey. My wife and I participated in the counting project that was held and found a grand total

Steve Lunetta: Always looking down

I was sitting in front of a building in Burbank this morning having a cup of coffee. I’ll take five minutes in the morning and contemplate the day. That is

Steve Lunetta: The slide

As I watch local and state events, I grow ever more despondent that our state government and society is sliding towards the ideals of Marxist socialism and Communism. What is

Steve Lunetta: Take a look at big picture

Have you ever looked at something so close that your eyes get tired, vision gets blurry, and a headache starts? Maybe it’s your taxes? I know I sure have. I’ve