Steve Lunetta | Uncle Earl’s Midterm Voter Guide

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Recently, I got the opportunity to sit down with my beloved (albeit cranky) Uncle Earl to get his take on the upcoming election. Feel free to tear this column out of the opinion page and stick it in your purse or wallet. We won’t mind.

Here are Earl’s picks for the November ballot;

Governor: John Cox is the guy for us. If you like more homeless, piles of poop everywhere, higher taxes, cronyism and the loss of the American way, vote for Gavin Newsom.

Lt. Governor: Two Dems running against each other. *sigh* I’ll vote for Ed Hernandez because health care seems to be his priority. Eleni Kounalakis was endorsed by Kamala Harris. Might as well be Mephistopholes.

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla was responsible for the train wreck that saw many ineligible people being granted the right to vote. Incompetence. Let’s vote for Mark Meuser. He couldn’t screw up half as bad as Padilla.

Controller: Betty Yee, a Dem, seems fairly competent. Frankly, I don’t know how she does this nearly impossible job of balancing the books of such a wacky state. I don’t really understand Konstantinos Roditis, so I pass on him.

Treasurer: Greg Conlan appears to be impressively qualified as well as being a vet. He’s the guy. Fiona Ma seems to be using this as a stepping stone in her political career. Another Kamala Harris endorsement. Pass.

Insurance Commish: Steve Poizner. Without a doubt, Poizner.

U.S. Senator: Kevin De Leon versus Dianne Feinstein. Which do you prefer, Hitler or Stalin? Would you rather be killed by a bus or a bear? There is no choice here.

U.S. Representative: This is a tough one because two good people are running. Steve Knight has the credentials and experience. Katie Hill is the first decent Dem candidate we’ve seen in ages and may have the chops to understand homelessness. In the end, I give Steve the slight advantage.

State Assembly: Dante Acosta is the guy we want. State and national Dems have been shoving Christy Smith down our throats for years. Don’t fall for their tricks. We want Dante even though he looks like Lou Costello.

Proposition 1 (Bonds for affordable housing): NO. Bonds that borrow a ton of money to be repaid over 35 years and layered on top of more borrowing is just plain dumb.

Prop. 2 (Bonds for mental illness housing): NO. Again, more borrowing. Didn’t we just authorize huge increases in homelessness funding (Measure H and HHH)? Let’s not mortgage our future for a problem that we are already addressing.

Prop. 3 (Bonds for water supply): YES. This is what bonds are for — government projects involving infrastructure. This is the only legitimate reason for borrowing.

Prop. 4 (Bonds for children’s hospitals): YES/NO. Torn on this one. The worst hospitals are those built by taxpayer money and run by the government. But, I can see the need for more capacity for kids.

Prop. 5 (Kill taxes on seniors for home sales): YES. Why does the government get a huge chunk of the money when a senior sells their home? These folks have paid taxes for years and deserve a break. That money should rightfully go to their ungrateful children and relatives.

Prop. 6 (Kill the gas tax): YES, YES, YES. Don’t believe all those glitzy ads on TV and radio that claim that Prop. 6 will hurt public safety. It only hurts the pocketbooks of road contractors and unions. That 12 cents per gallon belongs in your back pocket. The only reason they are short road money is because they stole the money for other purposes. That’s on them, not us.

Prop. 7 (Daylight savings time): NO. Stop trying to socially engineer us! Sacramento can’t even manage a budget and now they want to control our clocks? No, thank you.

Prop. 8 (Regulate kidney dialysis clinics): NO. Yeah, the clinics charge a lot. But, allow other clinics to come into the market and the price of treatment will go down. Allow the free market to work.

Prop. 10 (Rent control): Oh, good Lord NO! Rent control sounds like a neat thing but it actually does the exact opposite of what proponents want. This is a political game played by the left on a weak-minded electorate. Don’t be fooled. Vote NO on 10.

Prop. 11 (Pay for EMS folks to be paid for breaks): YES. Seems common sense to me.

Prop. 12 (Chickens, lions and bears): I can’t make heads or tails of this. It should have never been placed on the ballot. Elected representatives should have studied this and dealt with it. Away with thee.

Uncle Earl hopes you will pray with him for the direction and future of our nation and this election.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and never votes by mail. He likes to stand in those little flimsy booths. He can be reached at [email protected].

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