High winds pummel SCV


High winds pummeled the Santa Clarita Valley reaching gusts of up to 43 miles per hour on Sunday.

The National Weather Service issued a high wind advisory and red flag warning through 3 p.m. on Monday.

High winds result in a higher risk of danger while participating in certain activities.

When driving, Sgt. Paul Reyes of Newhall California Highway Patrol suggests keeping a firm hand on the steering wheel and anticipating that your vehicle can be pushed.

“High winds have the possibility of pushing your vehicle sideways (or) out of lanes,” said Reyes.

Big rigs and other large vehicles are especially at risk.

Driving hazards are not the only thing to watch for in high winds though.

Sgt. Byron Waine of the SCV Sheriff’s Station says that he looks out for certain incidents in high winds such as downed power lines, downed trees or fires.

“Those are the three things,” he said.

He also says people should be careful when barbecuing or participating in other activities involving flames.

“It can catch an open flame some place and start a fire,” he said.

In fact, due to the high Santa Ana winds this weekend, Cal Fire has placed additional firefighters on duty to staff extra equipment and aircraft across the State.

“Many of the state’s largest and most damaging wildfires coincide with (the Santa Ana season),” said Chief Thom Porter, Cal Fire Southern Region chief in a recent press release.

Although, some families are taking advantage of the high wind such as Roy Porter and his six-year-old son who were flying a kite at Golden Valley High School Sunday morning.

“It’s a perfect day to fly kites,” said Porter.

His son begs to differ though.

“No, the sand was going in my eye,” said Logan Porter, his son.

Roy admitted that they will probably do an indoor activity today such as see a movie due to the high wind.

The high Santa Ana winds are also responsible for the hazy sky in parts of SCV as it pushed dust and dirt from the Sand Fire into the air on Sunday.

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