What is Castaic High School Construction, Inc.?

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Thursday’s announcement of the approved construction contract for Castaic High School left one lingering question: what is Castaic High School Construction, Inc.?

The company, unheard of before the announcement, was awarded the $126.2 million contract during the Hart District’s regular governing board meeting Wednesday.

According to the California’s Secretary of State’s database, Castaic High School Construction, Inc. filed as a California corporation with the California Secretary of State in September 2014 and is owned by Larry Rasmussen of Spirit Holding, Inc.

“It is a new company for the construction of the school and Larry Rasmussen is in charge of the company,” said Dave Caldwell, public relations officer for the Hart District.

Randy Wrage, development manager for Castaic High School Construction (CHSC) and development manager for Spirit Holding Inc., said the company was created to be compliant with California state law and hold the general contractor’s license needed to build Castaic High School.

“We formed it about three years ago with the hope that there would be some type of agreement to build the school and we knew that we would need a contractor’s license,” Wrage said.

With the Hart Governing Board’s decision to pursue a lease-leaseback option for the construction, this agreement was possible.

In the lease-leaseback option, the traditional bid process is not required and board members are able to invite bids of contractors of their choosing to pick the one they believe to be the most qualified for the job.

Wrage said the company, as well as Romero Canyon LLC that graded the construction site from 2014 to 2016, falls under the umbrella of Spirit Holding, Inc.  CHSC is made up of a “broad team,” but its primary leaders are Rasmussen, Wrage and Brooke Rege.

This, Wrage said, makes the company act as a common thread between the developer, the common site and the builder.

Castaic High School is set to break ground on its 58-acre site January 2017 and open its doors in 2019.

It will include classrooms, an administrative building, a library, a performing arts center, a multipurpose building, a physical education building and gym, a football/soccer stadium with running track, basketball and tennis courts and baseball and softball fields.

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