Devil’s Night vandals hit Castaic, smashing pumpkins, causing damage

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Pumpkin smashers found Castaic Sunday – Devil’s Night, for those up on the Halloween tradition – leaving a swath of vandalism and destruction along The Old Road.

Vandals left a trail of busted pumpkin pulp and ribs scattered on The Old Road, and on side streets, but also on the windshields of several cars in Castaic, resulting in damage done to at least one vehicle, according to one woman who complained to local sheriff’s deputies.

“One vehicle has had its windshield and wiper blades broken as a result of a pumpkin being thrown at the vehicle,” Janice Smalley told The Signal Monday.

“It happened at my daughter’s house in Castaic,” she said. “My daughter got up early to go running (Monday) when she noticed all the smashed pumpkins on The Old Road.

“When she came back from her run, that’s when she noticed a pumpkin smashed on the front of her SUV,” Smalley said.

A closer look at the SUV revealed that the vehicle’s windshield wiper was broken, apparently, during the act of vandalism.

When she called the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, she said, the responding deputy at the station told her he had received “an overload of people” complaining about the pumpkin smashing.

Devil’s Night is the name given to October 30, the night before Halloween when city youths – as far back as the 1940s – take part in a night of mischievous or petty criminal behavior, including acts of vandalism.

“Pumpkins were smashed all up the street,” Smalley said.

“I thought I should say something,” she said. “That there’s Halloween vandals out there and to be on the lookout.”

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