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By Jim Holt
and Nikolas Samuels
Signal Staff Writers

Castaic Lake Water Agency board of directors incumbents William “Bill” Cooper, E.G. “Jerry” Gladbach and R.J. Kelly were officially re-elected to their positions Wednesday as ballot results were finalized.

For the at large position, Cooper received 29,578 votes, or 55.30 percent, against his opponent Lynne Plambeck, a longtime environmentalist and veteran member of the Newhall County Water District (NCWD), who received 23,905 votes, or 44.7 percent.

In Division 1, R.J. Kelly was also re-election to his Division 1 seat with 9,679 votes, or 59,91 percent, against former NCWD board member Joan Dunn who received 6,477 votes, or 40.09 percent.

In Division 2, Gladbach received 9,204 votes, or 53 percent, to defeat opponent Stacy Fortner,  an 18-year Valencia resident who ran for a spot on the board in 2014, who received 8,162 votes, or 47 percent.

For Division 3, William “Bill” Pecsi won with 9,818 votes, or 54.51 percent, against opponent Bonnie G. Nikolai, a member of the Castaic Area Town Council, with 8,194 votes, or 45.49 percent.

Both Cooper and Gladbach said they are looking forward to assisting the community in their elected positions.

“It’s not the elected position, it’s being able to do something in the community,” said Cooper who was running for the at-large seat.

Gladbach was also enthusiastic to continue right where he left off.

“We will be continuing on the programs we’ve been going on,” he said.

Voters Tuesday chose representatives for four – not two – available seats at the Castaic Lake Water Agency.

Despite an omission in the voter handbook listing just two CLWA seats up for election – one at-large seat, and a position representing Division 1 – two other seats were also up for election at the agency.

The agency is a water wholesaler that provides imported water to three main water retailers in the SCV and one smaller retailer. The three main retailers get about half their product from groundwater supplies; the smaller retailer buys CLWA water exclusively.

Bill Cooper (At Large)
29,578 55.30%
Lynne Plambeck (At Large)
23,905 44.70%
Joan Dunn (Div. I)
6,477 40.09%
R.J. Kelly (Div. I)
9,679 59.91%
Stacy Fortner (Div. II)
8,162 47%
E. G. Jerry Gladbach (Div. II)
9,204 53%
Bonnie Nikolai (Div. III)
8,194 45.49%
William Pecsi (Div. III)
9,818 54.51%
Precincts Reporting


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