Campaign involving foster child puts SCV County in spotlight

Protesters form a circle and pray on the corner of Ron Ridge Drive and Pamplico Drive in Saugus on Monday, March 21.

All eyes were on Santa Clarita in March when hundreds of people gathered to show support for a pair of foster parents on the verge of losing their 6-year-old foster daughter, Lexi.

Lexi is part Native American, and her foster parents, Rusty and Summer Page, fought several court battles with the girl’s biological family to keep her in their home, but ultimately lost.

On March 21, the county was slated to remove Lexi from the Page’s home, hundreds of people gathered near their home with signs and banners. Every hour, on the hour, those gathered there would pray, hoping that Los Angeles County would not remove Lexi from her foster home.

People had started to gather near the Page home over the weekend, but by Monday, the campaign had gathered enough steam to attract several of the Los Angeles-area and national TV networks.

At 2:30 p.m. on March 21, social workers arrived to take Lexi. The girl is now living with a couple in Utah, related by marriage to her biological father, but the “Save Lexi” campaign, as it is called, continues.

A GoFundMe campaign linked, created on March 19, 2016 by Johnston Moore on behalf of Russell Page, brought a donation as recent as one month ago. The funding campaign has raised $56,455 in nine months. A petition created by the Pages has more than 120,000 signatures, but its last update was posted six months ago.

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