Hip Hop? More like K-Pop

Members of South Korean K-Pop girl group I.O.I pose for the media at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, Friday, Dec. 2, 2016. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

The internet connects everyone around the globe, allowing one to experience and learn about new cultures and styles. A new culture on the rise amongst many teenagers is Korean Pop, famously known as, KPop.

KPop is in another language; many fans do not belong to the same background as the music and artists- so what makes KPop so popular all around the globe?

Many KPop fans rant on about the wild fashion, the amazing choreography, the heart-throbbing personalities, and dashing looks, but their main attraction to KPop is the message the artists and bands deliver.

Often “teasers” are realized for movies, but in the KPop fandom teasers are released for music videos with intense choreography, wild style, and heartfelt music.

“I love KPop because as an individual who used to hate being Korean, it helps me be in touch with my ethnicity as well as connect with friends, online mutuals, and my family,” says Hana Kim, a 16-year-old die-hard fan of KPop.

Some differences between the American pop industry and the Korean pop industry is that the Korean pop industry promotes active record label loyalty, strategically places artists into individual bands, and focuses more on selling idols.

“KPop sends me the message that I can enjoy all forms of music no matter what place I am in. It also reassures me that although I am living in America, I can still connect to where my culture and my parents stem from,” says Grace Lim, passionately, while listening to her favorite KPop artist, Crush.

When asked what a KPop fan would say to someone who’s never listened KPop, young teen Mia Bartolovich answers the call.

“I would tell them to be open minded to be honest. when I got into KPop, a lot of people would judge me because I wasn’t Korean and I didn’t know how to speak Korean. But, to me, music is music. If you don’t understand the lyrics, that’s fine, as long as you enjoy what you’re listening to and it makes you feel good,” says Mia.

KPop is on the rise and is inspiring our youth. Through KPop, people can experience diversity and immersion into a new culture.

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