AADUSD Board of Trustees continues discussions for interim superintendent

Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District

Members of Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District’s (AADUSD) Board of Trustees are still in preliminary discussions and plans as they look for an interim superintendent.

Current AADUSD Superintendent Brent Woodard announced his resignation to board members via an email Dec. 14.  His resignation will be effective at the end of the month, on Jan. 31.

Woodard leaves at a time when the district is facing an audit for its charter schools funding, which Woodard helped plan, requested by former California Sen. Carol Liu.

Ed Porter, AADUSD Board and Trustees vice president, said the board voted 3-2 at its Dec. 22 meeting to direct AAUSD legal counsel to pursue a possible consulting contract with Woodard during a limited time during the transition period.

“We felt that our fiduciary obligation to our constituents required us to have as seamless a transition as possible and to protect the viability of various current important projects that are under Dr. Woodard’s direct supervision,” Porter said.

AADUSD Board of Trustees Clerk Ken Pfalzgraf, who voted against the contract, said the district’s legal team will now put together a contract proposal for the board to review and discuss.

“After we discuss details in closed session, then they would become matters of open session,” he said of the consulting contract and interim superintendent contract.

The board is also still in discussions for an interim superintendent to temporarily fill Woodard’s position.

Assistant Superintendent Kim Lytle has been the acting superintendent for about a month following Woodard’s decision to go on medical leave in late-November.  Her selection to this position was a unanimous decision made by the board.

“Kim Lytle… is naturally the obvious choice to be our interim superintendent subsequent to Dr. Woodard’s departure on Jan. 31, 2017, but this has yet to be voted on by the board,” Porter said.

When the board looks for a new superintendent, they will also take that final decision to a Board of Trustee’s vote.

“I for one see Ms. Kim Lytle as our current top candidate and wish her success during the interim, transition periods,” Porter said.

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