Attendance for progressive meetings breaks records

Christy Smith speaks to a crowd of approximately 200 people on political actions to take at a local level at Vincenzo's Pizza in Newhall on Saturday. Courtesy photo by Chad Kampbell

This political season has not only sparked movements around the nation, but locally as well.

The Santa Clarita’s Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA) had record breaking turnouts for  meetings this past week.

“All of this represents the beginning, not the end,” said Chad Kampbell, the corresponding secretary for the DAA.

Thursday’s meeting may have had the greatest turnout Santa Clarita’s DAA has ever seen, with approximately 250 people coming to Vincenzo’s Pizza in Newhall. According to Kampbell, half of that crowd were newcomers.

“This has finally put me over the edge,” said Mark Stolnitz on Saturday, referring to the election of President Trump.

“It was finally time to stop being a ‘slactivist’ on Facebook and become an activist.”

Saturday’s organizational meeting brought out a crowd of about 200 people.

Henry Knebel, right, speaks to a crowd of approximately 200 people about local progressive efforts on Saturday at Vincenzo’s Pizza in Newhall. Samie Gebers/ Signal

“The goal of today’s meeting was to assign people to their respective neighborhoods and precincts so they can gather more people become a contact point for voters,” Kampbell said.

Zoey Moore, 27, came out on Saturday because she no longer wishes to be a “passive participant in democracy.”

“Especially as a woman of color, (President Trump) does not speak for me,” Moore said. “He speaks against me openly.”

“Lately we have seen and explosion of growth in progressive groups and democratic groups locally,” said Christy Smith, who was recently defeated by Dante Acosta for 38th District Assembly seat.

“Our intent today was to put some organization behind that.”

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