City repairs 350 potholes following January storms

A worker repairs a pothole in Santa Clarita after weekend storms in January. Twitter photo

The New Year’s series of powerful storms not only impacted residents’ morning commute, they also wreaked havoc on the city’s roads.

“From the recent storms, our guys have already filled 350 potholes,” said Cruz Caldera, general services manager for the city of Santa Clarita.  “It’s been overwhelming, but the good thing is that our group and city is very productive.”

Caldera said a total of 25 individuals in three separate crews worked separately to repair the damages on the streets throughout the city.

“It is scattered and all over the place,” he said.  “But it tells us that the pavement is consistent.”

On average, the division will repair around 2,000 potholes per year.  January’s storms have already put the crews ahead of schedule on reaching the yearly count.

A city of Santa Clarita worker repairs a pothole after the weekeend’s storms. Twitter photo

“We’ve been busy filling potholes,” Caldera said.  “We’ve made a lot of progress.”

To find the potholes in need of cement filling, the city will take requests from its Resident Service Center and will find potholes on its own.

“We try not to wait.  When we receive a request, it is responded to and repaired within 49 hours,” Caldera said.  “But 95 percent of them are us finding them and make it safe for the community.”

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