Homicide detectives ramp up probe of Cierzan case

Will and Linda Cierzan.

Homicide detectives investigating the bizarre disappearance of William Cierzan have been diligently working on the case, keeping their heads down, sharing little and looking for clues, said the sister of the missing man.

The two detectives on the case have scheduled a press conference for Wednesday at the LASD’s Homicide Bureau in Monterey Park at which time they’re expected to share information about the baffling case.

“The detectives did a thorough examination at the house,” Andrea Peck told The Signal Tuesday, day six of Cierzan’s disappearance.

“They’ve been at the house every day. They’ve never even taken a breather. And, they’ve been good to Linda,” she said, referring to Cierzan’s wife.

Cierzan, who works at Six Flags Magic Mountain, talked to his wife, about 5 p.m. Thursday and told her he was cooking dinner.

At 7 p.m., when his wife arrived home, Cierzan was nowhere to be found, Peck said. Left behind in the house were his wallet, keys and jacket.

“Every day that goes by we get a bad feeling,” Peck said.

On Tuesday, Peck posted flyers at the Performance Cyclery bike shop on Cinema Drive, hoping bicyclists who use the bike trail near the Cierzan home would recognize him.

Detectives Ralph Hernandez or John Carlin with Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Homicide Bureau were assigned to the Cierzan case after the 58-year-old man vanished Thursday from his home on Cuatro Milpas Street, near Seco Canyon Road.

William Cierzan, born in Oklahoma, fourth child in a family of six kids, grew up in a military family.

“We traveled around a lot,” Peck said.

Nothing in her brother’s character or history, however, has provided her, his wife, investigators or caring coworkers at Magic Mountain with any clue to explain his having vanished.

Cierzan loved his garden, and caring for his roses.  He loved sports and would have watched the Superbowl this weekend if he were home, his sister said.

He is an artist but was never bent on pursuing it, she said.  He’s sharp, healthy, and “knows addresses by heart” thanks to a photographic memory.

“He never cared what shoes he wore,” Peck said. “That day, if someone came to the door and needed help, he would help them.”

The most compelling thing about her little brother’s character, she said: “He’s not the type of guy to run away.”

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