Potential thieves smash over 20 car windows for second time this month

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Over 20 cars around Jakes Way had their windows smashed in early Saturday morning for the second time this month.

Residents were woken up by sheriff’s deputies knocking on their door to inform the owners of some 25 vandalized vehicles. One such resident was 31-year-old Danielle Watson who lives at Riverpark Apartment Homes on Danielson Street with her two children.

“The loud banging on the door was what woke us up,” said Watson.

She walked outside to see a smashed passenger-side window on her 2007 Nissan Altima. The contents of the car were strewn about, such as the items in her glovebox, in an attempt to find anything of value. Fortunately, she says nothing was stolen.

She has lived there for six years now and this is the first time her car has been broken into. She feels scared having to live in an area that she considers to be less safe than when she moved there.

“It feels a little bit unsafe,” said Watson.

She said she is left on her own to pay for the damages, whether that be out-of-pocket or through insurance.

The incident was reported around 6:45 a.m.

Sheriff’s officials say 20 to 25 cars had their windows smashed in.

The break-ins occurred around Jakes Way and Annes Circle in Canyon Country.

More than 20 cars along Jakes Way had their windows smashed in approximately two weeks ago on Jan. 12.

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