Saugus High School community rallies together to clean campus vandalism

Saugus High School.

On Saturday evening vandals took to the Saugus High School campus, smearing white paint over the school’s doors, walkways, buildings, Centurion statue and Legacy Wall.

In total, 16 double doors, eight single doors, several concrete buildings, one tree, the Centurion statue and the Legacy Wall were covered in white paint by individuals at around 7:30 p.m., according to Saugus High School Principal Bill Bolde.

The incident was caught on camera, but officials are still investigating the campus vandalism.

“Law enforcement is helping us investigate,” Bolde said.  “When something like this happens it’s a crime, it’s a felony and we work with the campus SROs (school resource officers).”

When Bolde first heard of the vandalism Sunday afternoon, he reached out to teachers, coaches and advisors to get the word out and invite people to help clean up the damage.

“It was disheartening when something like that happens because we work hard to have a campus that is presentable and appealing to those that visit,” Bolde said.  “I know our students love our campus and would by and large do anything to right the wrongs some people have made against it.”

In 45 minutes, more than 50 students from all grade levels, 10 parents and about 10 staff members were at Saugus High School, ready to remove the water-based paint with buckets of water and soap.

“To be a Centurion isn’t just the nickname of the school; when you’re a centurion you’re family and this is your home,” Bolde said.  “It was cool to know that when we made those phone calls, people came to help and clean our home.”

By 6:30 p.m., the volunteers were able to clean the paint from most of the campus.  Saugus High School’s head custodian was also on-deck to use a power washer to remove the paint from high-reaching places.

“He was able to remove the paint on the Legacy Wall… which has bronze plaques,” Bolde said.  “The pressure washer was able to get everything off.”

Individuals from the city of Santa Clarita and from Andy Gump also offered to help clean the damage.

“It’s nice to know that the community is really against this kind of activity,” Bolde said.

On Monday morning the campus was back to normal and Bolde arrived at Saugus High School grateful for the community and students around him.

“I’m proud of the kids, proud of the staff, proud of the parents in the community that came out,” Bolde said.  “I’m a believer that out of every bad there is a good.”

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