SCV community bands together to stay safe from the rain

Water flows onto Beverly Road near the Sand Canyon community on Sunday due to the storm. Samie Gebers/The Signal

Santa Clarita Valley resident are looking out for each other as the rain continues to fall.

People in the Sand Canyon community are trekking out into the rain to check on their neighbors and make sure everyone is safe.

“When something like this happens…everyone pulls together,” said Heryl Lautman, a resident in the Sand Canyon community.

“I checked on a couple of my neighbors… (and) made sure everyone’s yards are flowing like they should be.”

Lautman spent half of the day on Saturday stacking sand bags with her neighbors to make sure everyone was prepared for the storm.

“We were all working together,” she said

Lautman is not the only resident in Sand Canyon heading out into the rain to make sure everyone is okay.

Roger Sager is part of a network of individuals in the area who work together to make sure everyone has up to date information on how to stay safe.

“We have a network…with radios who monitor situations like this and share information,” said Sager. “(We) make sure we have the best information available in case anyone should need it.”

Sager says he has been monitoring the radio all of Sunday morning and even ventured out in the rain to make sure no one was in danger around Sand Canyon.

“We are strictly trying to assist our neighbors and keep informed about what is going on,” said Sager.

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