Surf’s up on Santa Clarita’s streets

Students from The Master's University used the flooded streets to surf and skimboard in Santa Clarita Sunday. Courtesy of Noah Olson

Seven students from The Master’s University didn’t let the weekend rainstorms and road closures get them down.  Instead, they used the flooded streets to their advantage to go surfing and skimboarding.

“We sort of were all just sitting there and the road was covered in water,” freshman Noah Olson said.  “A couple of us have Jeeps.  We were driving through the water and said ‘hey this is a nice wake’ and wanted to skimboard behind it.”

Olson and his friends, Dylan, Daniel, Johnathan, Emmett, Luke and SR, used a car, a rope and their boards to turn the streets near the university into their own personal playground for four hours Sunday afternoon.

“I’ve sledded [in flooded streets] before but it wasn’t anything of this scale,” Olson said.  “We had a turnaround spot on both sides of the run; it was super efficient.”

Olson said the nearby residents and drivers were smiling and taking videos of the students being hauled by their cars.

“There were a lot of people that, instead of passing, would stay behind us and watch,” Olson said.  “There were these little kids out watching us and we taught one of them to do it.”

The friends, all freshmen, juniors and seniors at The Master’s University, decided to use their surfboards and skimboards on the roads to make up for lost time in the ocean.

“The storms have been making the surf super mushy so we haven’t been able to surf this week,” Olson said.

The group began surfing together last semester.  They travel together to Ventura or Santa Barbara two or three times per week to surf.

“We try to go after class or before class,” Olson said.

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