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MONTEREY PARK – Homicide detectives investigating the disappearance of a Valencia man one week ago, found blood stains inside the man’s home, but would share no details about the discovery, they revealed today at a press conference.

Detectives said they are still treating case as a missing person case.

William Cierzan, 58, went missing Thursday from his home near the intersection of Seco Canyon Road and Bouquet Canyon Road.

“Deputies conducted a search at the house Thursday and found what appears to be blood stains,” Det. Ralph Hernandez said Wednesday at the press conference held at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Homicide Bureau in Monterey Park.

“Due to the suspicious circumstances they called the Homicide Bureau,” he said. “We confirmed there was blood inside the residence.”

Reporters asked him whose blood was found, where the blood was found in the house and how much of it was found.

Hernandez declined to any give details about the blood or what it suggested.

Asked if he suspected foul play, Hernandez said: “Certainly, the possibility exists that there was foul play.”

Hernandez also revealed today that detectives interviewed the last person to see Cierzan whom they identified only as a relative.

Andrea peck answers questions from reporters about the disappearance of her brother William Cierzan Wednesday in Monterey Park. Jim Holt

“The relative provided us with a statement,” he said.

The Signal reported a day after the disappearance that Cierzan’s nephew had been watching golf with him the afternoon he disappeared.

When asked about home surveillance video captured the day of the disappearance and which shows a view of the Cierzan home, Hernandez said detectives are studying the video and paying particular attention to a vehicle seen near the Cierzan home the day of the disappearance

“We are in the midst of enhancing the video,” he said, adding detectives are also reviewing images captured on other cameras in the area.


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  • Carol Hadenough

    Scary. I hope and pray he’s okay.

    • diamond

      I do not believe he is ok and his nephew knows more,

      • billkealey

        Diamond you took the words right out of my mouth. I sure hope he’s ok but it’s not looking good right now. I’m thinking of going over there to see what I can find out. If it’s true the neighbors camera saw nothing going on in the front of his house then he either went out side/backdoor or he’s still in the house somewhere. If he in fact was a victim of foul play then another week or so it should get a little easier to find him. I’m praying for ya Willy. We gotta shoot hoops one more time lil buddy.

        • MagicBee

          I’m sure it would be a big help to the family to have some friend from 40 years ago “going over there to see what I can find out”. What could you possibly be thinking?

      • Carol Hadenough

        I’m worried about that, too. I’m going to keep praying, though. Prayers can’t hurt – either way.

  • Bill Kealey

    OMG. Saw a report on Good Day LA this morning and didn’t recognize his pic as its been over 40 years since we hung out but when his name was mentioned I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Willie and I were best friends in elementary and Jr High school. We lived across the alley from each other and played basketball all the time, even at night by moonlight. He was a little guy and I was quite a bit bigger and we had a blast taking on all comers as we both were very good hoopsters. On the court Willie was intense and had the heart of a lion. Gosh Willie I hope you are OK and get back with your loved ones soon. To his family, pray for his safe return and I will as well. Come back home if you can lil buddy and I hope to see you again when you do.

  • billkealey

    This is in reply to a comment Magic Bee had written and apparently was deleted. Magic bee was wondering that if after 40 yrs of not seeing my old best friend why I haven’t gone over to his house to lend my support and inquired “What could you be thinking?” Well Magicbee being a very private person myself I’ve struggled with that thought. I want to badly but at the same time I’m sure his wife is totally overwhelmed by the whole thing. I have been by the house, neighborhood and surrounding areas looking for any sign of him. I guess to answer your question Magicbee….I’m trying to respect her privacy. I just don’t want to make it any harder for her than it already is. But I guess deeper than that, I have the bad feeling that my old friend Willy is not ok and that whatever happen to him may in fact have been done by a family members hand. Just from all the info I’ve been able to come up with leads back to someone he knew caused this to happen. When cops finally name their suspect, which I believe they know who and that they are building their case before they arrest the person and if his wife had nothing to do with it, I will then offer my support. So Magicbee, I hope that answers your question.