Congressman Steve Knight. Dan Watson/The Signal
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Congressman Steve Knight is holding a town hall meeting March 4 at the Chimbole Cultural Center in Palmdale for members of his district to discuss national healthcare policy and other legislative issues.

“Rep. Knight wants to hear from members of all communities and welcomes them at the event,” Knight’s communications director Dan Outlaw said.

Currently, over 130 people across the district have said they will attend, according to the Steve Knight Town Hall Facebook page.

Several Santa Clarita residents said they plan to make the drive to the meeting, including Newhall School District board member Christy Smith. She said she sees repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and removing Federal involvement from public school systems as the most glaring issues to discuss.

“It is really important for me to be there as a local elected leader to call into question what some of those decisions are that our congressman might be making that take us down a path that there is not broad support for in this community,” Smith said.

With an anticipated turnout of several hundred people, Smith said she thinks there ought to be more town halls scheduled in Santa Clarita, Antelope and Simi Valleys.

Chad Kambell, a Santa Clarita resident, said he sees it as important to attend the meeting because the ACA helped his father-in-law pay for his cancer treatment and believes the issue will impact the lives of others as well.

“The Affordable Care Act has allowed thousands of people in this district to get health coverage where they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to,” Kambell said. “It’s important that Congressman Knight’s constituents have the opportunity to make clear their concerns regarding the drive to repeal the law without any kind of workable solution that allows recipients to retain their coverage.”

Santa Clarita resident Chris Lott said he plans to attend the event because he wants to learn more about Knight’s healthcare plans.

“I’m interested in attending because Rep. Knight has said in the past that there is a plan ready for when the Affordable Care Act is repealed,” Lott said. “I’m attending with the hopes of finding out what the specifics of this plan are.”

Lott said he believes different cities in the district have unique concerns and thinks having town hall meetings for each area could address issues that are specific to an area’s residents.

“I believe Palmdale and Lancaster are a little more evenly split (politically,)” he said. “I’d assume that they have concerns about aerospace, military spending and the jobs that both of those might bring, things that aren’t necessarily as important to the SCV.”

Santa Clarita resident Jana Branch said she wants to attend the event to get a big-picture idea of Knight’s agenda.

“I hope this is the start of a more reliable ongoing conversation between Rep. Knight and people in SCV,” Branch said. “People want to be heard.”

The space holds room for 275 guests who will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Check in starts at 7:45 a.m. and the meeting will begin at 8:30 and last for an hour. Guests must bring a proof of ID showing they live in the 25th district.

Knight’s office does not currently have any other events planned.

For more information, visit

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Gina Ender
Gina Ender is a journalist covering city government and breaking news in the Santa Clarita Valley. She joined The Signal as a staff writer in February 2017.
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  • Anthony Breznican

    I’m extremely disappointed that Steve Knight had to be dragged into having a town hall — then made it as difficult to attend as possible. First, he has selected a venue that is smaller than the all-purpose room at my child’s elementary school. Then he scheduled it at a ridiculously early time. People in Simi Valley or Santa Clarita will have to leave at 6 a.m. to have any hope of getting in. So be it! Sure seems like Steve Knight is ashamed to face his voters. He should be.

  • Anthony Breznican

    I want to add, thank you to the Signal for writing about this issue and quoting other voters in the district. It’s good to see what their concerns are. A few other of Knight’s recent actions we should question:
    – He voted in favor of allowing companies to dump coal waste in streams and rivers.
    – He voted to lift restrictions on gun sales to people with severe mental illness (like schizophrenia.)
    – He has not only advocated demolishing the Affordable Care Act, but he has been outspoken AGAINST Social Security. Medicare and this important program are not safe in his hands.
    – Over the years, he has had an ATROCIOUS record on gay and lesbian civil rights, even though his **own brother** is gay.

    Knight supported Prop 8 and has been steadfastly opposed to gay marriage, he voted yes on H Amdt 1128, making it legal for businesses to discriminate against gays, and he voted to protect the use of electro-shock “conversion” therapy to force gay kids to turn straight (SB 1172).

    Disgusting. Never forget – Steve Knight is not a centrist. He’s an extremist.

  • Forrest Woolman

    It should be noted that Knight announced his town hall event AFTER College of the Canyons announced it is holding its Womens’ Conference the same day, at the same time, 40 miles away. Safe to say that Knight knew the Womens’ Conference would draw many of the politically active women in the Santa Clarita Valley, reducing the number of hostile attendees at his small event. But that’s okay, I’ll still be there with my sign, demanding an investigation in Trump’s ties with Russia, and demanding Trump release his tax returns and divest his assets in order to end this huge conflict of interest he has.