Crime Blotter: Stevenson Ranch Crime Report

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Stevenson Ranch Crime Report


Week of 02/06/17-02/12/17



Robbery / Kidnapping – 28100 The Old Road

The victim stated that he was outside the location eating his lunch when an adult male in an older silver Toyota Camry pulled up beside him. He stated the suspect then ‘tugged at his waistband’, which the victim stated he felt meant the suspect had a gun. The victim got into the suspect’s vehicle, at which time the suspect began to drive away. As they were driving, the victim felt as though the suspect wanted his money, so he gave him $107.00 in U.S. currency. The suspect then pulled the vehicle over and let the suspect out. The suspect then entered the southbound 5 freeway off Halsey Canyon Road. No arrest has been made.



Attempt Burglary (Shoplifting) – 25400 The Old Road

A male adult attempted to leave the store with a 55” ‘Vizio” television set which he did not pay for. When confronted by employees, the suspect produced a receipt for the item which the employees recognized as being fake. The suspect then left the location without the item.

Grand Theft (Firearm) – 25200 The Old Road

A male adult stole a semi-automatic pistol from the location while the store owner was showing it to another customer. After viewing video footage of the incident, deputies recognized the suspect from previous burglaries. He was later arrested at a local hotel where he was staying. The firearm was recovered.



Burglary (Vehicle) – 26800 The Old Road

Person(s) unknown smashed the passenger side front window of her vehicle and stole her backpack containing her driver’s license and debit/credit cards. Total loss was $273.00.



Grand Theft (Auto) – 26000 Potter Place

Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s vehicle which was parked on the street in front of her home. The victim stated that she was missing a set of keys for the vehicle. On 02/10/17 the vehicle was later found parked on the street adjacent to 26500 Sheldon Ave. No arrests have been made.



Grand Theft (Auto) – 25300 The Old Road

Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s white, 2005 GMC Savana box truck which was parked in the parking lot of the location.

Burglary (Shoplifting) – 25600 The Old Road

A female adult entered the store, selected a large purse from the display stand, and then began putting several clothing items in the purse. She then went through the check-out and paid for a single item. The then exited the store without paying for the purse and its contents. When confronted by a store employee, the suspect dropped the purse and left the location in a black Chrysler 300.


My Tip of the week: Ladies, Watch Your Purses


I had read an article from another law enforcement agency in which a woman had her purse stolen while at a local mall. Inside her purse was her cell phone and debit card.


Apparently, the suspect who stole her purse used her cellphone and sent a text to the victim’s husband which said, “I forgot the PIN to my bank card. What is it again?” The husband, thinking it was his wife texting him, sent it, and the suspect withdrew a significant amount of money from their bank account.


When you think about it ladies, there is access to your whole world in your purse. Your debit and credit cards, driver’s license with your home address, your house and car keys, cell phone, are all in there. Worst case scenario, if a thief were to get your purse, they could easily find your car using the key fob, drive to your address which is printed on your driver’s license, and use the keys to gain entry. They know you’re not home, because they just took your purse. They also know you cannot tell your bank to turn off your cards, because they have your phone. Pretty scary, really. So here are some tips to prevent this worst case scenario:


  1. Never leave your purse locked in your vehicle in plain view. If you absolutely cannot take your purse with you somewhere, secure it in the trunk.


  1. If using the gym or hiking trails where your vehicle will be left unattended, consider taking only what you need, like your keys, cell phone, and driver’s license, and leave the rest at home.


  1. When shopping, always keep your purse on your person. Consider using a purse with a strap that allows you to sling it across your body so you do not have to put it down.


  1. Always keep your purse closed, and avoid using outside pockets. Many thieves are clever enough to take an item from your purse, even when it’s on you.


  1. Never leave your purse in the seat of a shopping cart. You may think you can keep an eye on it, but you only have to turn away for a second for a thief to grab it.


Take care, and be safe.

Dep Kevin Duxbury

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