“Depressed” Canyon Country man the latest to go missing

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jake Roberson, William Cierzan, and Tomas Sanchez Figueroa have all gone missing recently in Santa Clarita.
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A Canyon Country man reported as depressed is the latest man to be go missing in the Santa Clarita Valley as sheriff’s deputies continue to unravel two other puzzling disappearances.

Detectives with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s want the public’s help in finding 40-year-old Tomas Sanchez Figueroa who went missing from his Canyon Country home Sunday.

Figueroa went missing 10 p.m. Sunday from his home on Soledad Canyon Road, detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department revealed in a news release issued Tuesday by Shirley Miller of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

Detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in locating Figueroa, she said.

The missing man is described as five-foot-five, 168 pounds, brown slicked-back hair, moustache and brown eyes.

He was last seen wearing a black shirt, white flannel, brown jeans, and black boots, Miller said.

“Mr. Figueroa appeared very depressed and his family is very concerned for his well-being,” she said.

Detectives, meanwhile, are still looking for two other men – Jake Roberson, 30, of Mission Beach, in San Diego County, missing since Jan. 13 and 58-year-old William Cierzan of Valencia who vanished from his home Jan. 26.


Car found

Roberson’s car was found abandoned on the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 in Santa Clarita. California Highway Patrol officers found a note inside the vehicle saying he was going to get gas, Roberson’s mother, Sharon said.

He has not been seen since.

“My fear is that he’s dead, of course,” Roberson told The Signal Tuesday.

“The elements have not been kind – rain, rain, flooding and cold,” she said. “We have no clue what happened. We’re all just dumbfounded.”

Jake Roberson requires medication to treat his bipolar medical condition, she said.

“When he’s off his meds, he gets very spiritual, very religious and loses focus,” she said, noting her son’s been hospitalized in the past after having failed to take his medication.

“One time, he went 40 days without food,” she said.  “Another time, he did come in from the rain.”

Her son, a yoga enthusiast, told her of general plans to go “up north” on a spiritual quest, she said, but left his backpack, toothbrush, clothes and other possessions in his apartment.

In a third case of disappearance that still has homicide detectives scratching their heads after close to two weeks involves William Cierzan, described as a “homebody” who vanished from his home on Jan. 26.

No foul play

Detectives with the LASD’s Homicide Bureau awaiting the results of blood found inside the Cierzan home continue to search for a mysterious driver – captured on video the day of the disappearance – seen backing into the Cierzan driveway.

“This is going to take some time,” Det. Ralph Hernandez told The Signal Monday.  “Unless we get a lucky break.”

Despite the discovery of blood – about which detectives remain tight-lipped – the case is still being treated as a missing person’s case, with no indication of foul play, Hernandez said.

William Cierzan, who works at Six Flags Magic Mountain, went missing on Jan. 26 from his home on Cuatro Milpas Street, near the intersection of Seco Canyon Road and Bouquet Canyon Road

On the day he vanished, he had talked to his wife on phone, about 5 p.m. and told her he was cooking dinner.

At 7 p.m., when she arrived home, Linda Cierzan was nowhere to be found, Cierzan’s sister Angela Peck told The Signal. Left behind in the house were his wallet, keys and jacket.

“Every day that goes by we get a bad feeling,” Peck said last week.  On Thursday, it’ll be two weeks since Cierzan vanished.

Peck and other family members have posted flyers at the Performance Cyclery bike shop on Cinema Drive, hoping bicyclists who use the bike trail near the Cierzan home would recognize him.

On Feb. 1, homicide detectives held a press conference at Homicide Bureau headquarters in Monterey Park eliciting the media’s help in finding Cierzan.

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