Details revealed in theft of FedEx packages

US Postal Service neighborhood delivery box units.

Details were revealed Tuesday about last week’s theft of FedEx packages and about the arrest of a Lancaster truck driver suspected in the crime.

Local sheriff’s deputies arrested Jduante Davison, 32, on suspicion of burglary Friday after he allegedly stole a FedEx storage box from an industrial area of Valencia.

The incident happened about 2 p.m. Friday when a witness saw the suspect “pry open and force his way onto a Fed Ex, storage/drop off metal container” on the 27600 Block of Avenue Scott, Lt. Ignacio Somoano told The Signal Tuesday.

“The witness saw the suspect take packages from the container and called 911 immediately,” he said.  “The witness followed the suspect until deputies arrived and detained the suspect.  The packages were recovered from the suspect’s vehicle.”

Davison was placed in custody with bail set at $20,000.  He was scheduled to appear in San Fernando Superior Court Tuesday.

“Excellent job by the witness. See something, Say something,” said Somoano, who oversees the operation of the sheriff station’s Detective Section.

The arrest comes on the heels of persistent reports of mail theft across the Santa Clarita Valley, deputies responded to reports of theft of FedEx material.

At least two incidents of mail theft occurred in the same industrial area since September with thieves ransacking multi-unit US Postal Service mailboxes called neighborhood delivery box units (NDBU).

In early October, mail thieves broke into a NDBU on Avenue Scott and stole mail from the mailboxes of 20 businesses.

In September, thieves looted a NDBU on Avenue Stanford.

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